eReaders Are the Best Bed Buddies, While Tablets are the Best TV Buddies: Nielsen Report


The Nielsen Company’s study focused on finding how do people use their tablets, eReaders, and smartphones found that tablets the best companion while watching TV (Who wants to watch ads?) and eReaders are the best companion at bed (Who wants to wake up the significant other by turning pages). Nielsen’s recent survey of about 12,000 […]

Google’s Mobile Movement Report By Numbers


Google trying to understand the behavior of smartphone customers conducted a independent research study on over 5000 US adults who browse using smartphone. Google specially wanted to know how do people use smartphones, multi-task using the smartphone, what do they search, how do they use it make decision on buying products and how do they respond […]

What Do People Do With Their iPads?: Nielsen’s Survey

Nielsen_earlyadopters (Source: The Nielsen Company)

Connected devices like Apple iPad, Kindle, and smartphone are changing the way people consume media. With the prediction that sales of tablet devices will continue to grow, it is all the more important to understand what this emerging market has for us the the consumers and media companies. Nielsen Company’s surevy of more than 5000 […]

Microsoft: All Smartphones Are Poorly Designed

Microsoft is really concerned about us and thinks that we are all becoming the slaves of smartphones. It says “we’re spending more time heads-down with our phones, to the point that we become unaware of what’s happening around us”. Don’t worry Microsoft is here to save us from the the world of smartphones with its […]

Seabird: Mozilla Explores What an Open Web Phone Might Look Like


Mozilla Labs, a virtual to create and play with web innovations and technology, has explored on what an Open Web phone might look like in the future and how users might interact with it. The Open Web Phone, Seabird is a community-driven mobile phone concept designed by Billy May, an award winning product designer. Mozilla […]

T-Mobile Unveils G2 and Best Buy Begins Pre-orders on Sept 10


T-Mobile unveiled its first smartphone T-Mobile G2 for its new HSPA+ network. The smartphone G2 with Google is specifically designed to deliver 4G speeds on T-Mobile’s new HSPA+ network. T-Mobile’s new HSPA+ network covers more than 55 major metropolitan areas across USA. T-Mobile boasts that HSPA+ delivers downloads at 4G speeds of today. Although HSPA+ is not […]

Intel to Acquire Infineon’s Wireless Solutions for $1.4 Billion


Intel has been wanting to put a sticker that says “Intel Inside” on your smartphones for a while. Fresh off from buying the security giant McAfee and a collaboration with Nokia on a research center, Intel made one more that will make Intel one step closer to achieve its mobile goal.  Today, Intel announced that […]

Samsung Ships 1 Million Galaxy S in 45 Days

Samsung USA announced in a press release today that it has shipped 1 million Samsung Galaxy S, a smartphone running on Android 2.1. Samsung Galaxy S was introduced US market in July 15 and now it is available with AT&T and T-Mobile. Samsung Galaxy portfolio boasts of four powerful smartphones: Samsung Captivate, Samsung Vibrant, Samsung […]

Microsoft Announces Games for Window Phone 7


At the gaming conference, Gamescom 2010 in Germany, Microsoft unveiled Xbox Live games that will be coming to Windows Phone 7. Microsoft is planning to launch Windows Phone 7 this holiday. Giving out the over 50 game titles, Microsoft offered the glimpse of mobile gaming in the Windows Phone 7 that will be launched this […]