Gmail Accounts Hacked by Chinese Hackers


Google announced in its blog post that personal Gmail accounts of hundreds of users including senior U.S. government officials, Chinese political activists, officials (mainly S.Korea), military personnel and journalists. Google said the hacking campaign originated from Jinan, China and Google’s strength in cloud based security and abuse detection system helped uncover the Gmail hacking. In […]

Five Cool Gmail Tips for Power Gmail Users


Google is constantly improving Gmail and adding lots of features to make our lives easier. Actually, the pace at which Google comes up with new features is so fast that one often just does not bother to learn new Gmail features. Are you suffering from email overload and having trouble managing your hundreds of emails […]

Google Updates on Gmail Trouble


Google acknowledged the loss of thousands of users email account and promised that Gmail will be back soon for everyone. Google said about 0.02% (thats about 40,000 users) of Gmail users found that their account is empty when they login to their Gmail account over the weekend. Updating the status of Gmail trouble, Google said […]

Google: Call Phones from Gmail for Free for Whole of 2011


As a holiday gift, Google announced that the Calling Phones (in U.S. and Canada) from Gmail will remain free for the whole of 2011. Google offered the call phones from Gmail feature in late August and said that it will be free till the end of the year. Now Gmail users in U.S. can enjoy […]

Gmail for Android Gets Priority Inbox


Google announced that it has improved Gmail for Android by adding Priority Inbox. Gmail’s Priority Inbox is Google’s approach to reduce the email overload that almost every user faces these days. In just a couple of months more users have embraced to Priority Inbox as it saves a lots of time. Google said it found […]

Google Seems to be Rolling Out Gmail Phone Recording Feature

Google seems to be adding the nice feature that lets users record incoming calls from a click of a button in Gmail. Google was testing this feature just a few weeks before. Google normally tests on a select audience and it also rolls out widely before making it public.  TechCrunch reports that it seems Google […]