Israeli Chemist Daniel Shechtman Wins the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for 2011

Daniel Shechtman Wins 2100 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced that the Israeli chemist Daniel Shechtman wins the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2011 to “for the discovery of quasicrystals”. he Unlike the Nobel prizes in Physics and Medicin this year, the chemistry Nobel prize is won by an individual. Daniel Shechtman was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. […]

Nobel Prize in Physics By the Numbers


Following the pattern of Nobel Prize in Medicine, this year’s Physics Nobel prize is shared by three Physicists. Here are some interesting face about the Physics Nobel prizes. 1: Number of Laureates who received the Physics Prize more than once. (John Bardeen is the only person who has received the Nobel Prize in Physics twice.) 2: The […]

Three American Physicists Win the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics


The Nobel foundation in Sweden announced that three American born physicisits win the  2011 Nobel Prize in Physics  “for the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the Universe through observations of distant supernovae”.   One half of the 2011 Physics Nobel Prize will go to Saul Perlmutter and the other half will be shared by Brian P. […]

Ralph M. Steinman, a 2011 Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine Passed Away Just a Few Days Before the Announcement

Ralph Steinman Nobel Prize Winner 2011

Nobel Prize Foundation has started announcing Nobel prize winners for 2011. On a sad note, one of the Nobel Prize winners, Ralph M. Steinman, (this year’s winner of Nobel prize for Medicine) passed away just a few days (On September 30) before the Nobel prize winners were announced. The Nobel foundation did not know the […]

Three Scientists Share 2011 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine

2011 Nobel Prize for Medicine

The Nobel Foundation announced the Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine for 2011. The Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine goes to three Scientists. One half is jointly shared between Bruce A. Beutler and Jules A. Hoffmann “for their discoveries concerning the activation of innate immunity” and the other half goes to Ralph M. Steinman “for […]

Watch 2011 Nobel Prize Announcement Live

2011 Nobel Prize Winners to be Announced

The season for the Nobel Prize fever is about to begin for this year. The 2011 Nobel Prize winners for Medicine, Chemistry, Physics, Literature, Peace, and Economics will be announced by Nobel foundation starting from Monday, October 3. The first announcement of the winner of 2011 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, will be announced […]

Three Share 2010 Nobel Prize in Economics


The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced that The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel for 2010 to two American Economists and a British Economist share 2010 Nobel Prize in Economics. Peter Diamond of MIT, USA, Dale T Mortenson of Northwestern University, USA, and Christopher A. Pissarides of London School […]

An American and Two Japanese Win the 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

nobel che

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced today that Richard F. Heck from USA, Ei-ichi Negishi and Akira Suzuki (from Japan) will share the 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for developing techniques to link carbon atoms together to build the complex molecules. Such complex molecules made of carbon are improving our everyday lives by finding […]

Two UK Physicists Win the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics


The Nobel Prize in Physics 2010 was awarded jointly to Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene. Graphene is a single atomic layer of Carbon atoms packed in hexagonal lattice. It is the first ever two-dimensional crystals and has a number of interesting properties. Graphene is very light and has […]

2010 Nobel Prize Winner Announcements Live on YouTube

nobelprize (Credit: Nobel Foundation)

Nobel foundation announced that the announcement of Nobel Prize winners for 2010 can be watched live on its YouTube channel The YouTube channel will also have exclusive interviews with Nobel Committee members. In addition, the users also get a great opportunity to ask questions to the 2010 Nobel Prize winners. The announcement videos will […]