Logitech Introduces Solar Keyboard for iPad

Logitech's light powered keyboard and case for iPad

If you want to go green with your iPad, here is a chance. Use solar powered keyboard/case for iPad from Logitech.  The LogiTech Solar Powered Keyboard for iPad is ready to be pre-ordered for $129.99.  It will be available by the end of this month in both US and UK. The wireless Bluetooth iPad keyboard is […]

Apple Sells 35 Million iPhones, 11.8 Million iPads and Apple’s Net Profit Increases 94%


Apple announced the financial results for the 2012 second quarter and posted 94% increase in its net profit compared to the year ago quarter in 2011. Just like other quarters the increase in net profit was driven by the growth in iPhone and iPad sale. Apple announced that it sold 35.1 million iPhones in the […]

How iPad is Made? An Inside View from FoxConn Factory

American Public Media’s Market place gets to have inside look at the Foxconn factory that makes the iPad that you fondly hold. The visit by Market Place’s Rob Schmitz to Foxconn had the blessings of Apple. Market Place says that Rob’s visit to Foxconn factory floor in Shenzhen, China, is the first for any public […]

Apple Sells 3 Million New iPads in 3 Days

Apple Intoduces new iPad with 4G LTE

Apple announced that it sold more than three million new iPads, in three days since its launch on Friday, March 16. Apple’s new iPad, simply named iPad to avoid confusion with its 4G LTE capability, features a new Retina display taht boasts more pixels than HDTV and powered by new A5X chip with quad-core graphics […]

Apple’s New iPad: What Do You Need To Know About iPad 4G Data Plan?

Apple iPad 4G Data Plans

Apple has launched its third generation iPad at special iPad event in San Francisco. Much to everyone’s expectation the iPad is better and more powerful than its predecessor iPad 2 at the same price starting at $499. Apple’s new iPad gets to be the first Apple device to have the power of super-fast 4G-LTE network. […]

TruConnect MiFi Offers Possibly the Cheapest Data Plan For Your iPad Wi-Fi

TruConnect Logo

TruConnect, a mobile data service company that offers simple and economical data plans has come with a data plan that will make the iPad Wi-Fi owners (and other Wi-Fi tablet Laptop owners as well). Everyone loves the idea of having the ability to go online on the move, but not many are keen on getting […]

It is Time for iPads to Board United and Continental Airlines

United and Continental Pilots to Carry iPads

More airlines are embracing iPads to replace paper flight manuals. The latest airline to replace the paper manual with iPads is United Airlines. Last week, United Airlins announced that it is deploying a whopping 11,000 iPads to all of United and Continental pilots. The iPad will serve as the electronic flight bags and provide paperless […]

Looking Back at What the Legendary Steve Jobs Said on Apple and its Revolutionary Products

Steve Jobs Apple Co-founder

Legendary and visionary Steve Jobs called it a day as CEO of Apple, the company he had to build from scratch twice. Steve Jobs, the passionate tech leader, listened to his instincts and went ahead against naysayers to work/design and launch new products, like Mac OS X, iPod, Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Steve Jobs is […]