Apple to Offer $200 Discount on iPad 2 with Back To School Offer?: BGR Reports

The tech blog Boy Genius Report (BGR) is running a report on iPad 2 that will make students and parents really happy if it is true. BGR’s one of the sources from Apple says that Apple will be offering $200 discount on iPad 2 with Apple’s Back To School Offer.

Apple’s Back To School offer typically runs from May/June to early September and offers up to $200 off on Apple computers to students/faculty or anyone working in academic institute. Last year, Apple had started running its Back To School Offer program by the end of May. However, this year Apple is yet to make an announcement on it. Microsoft beat Apple by launching its own back to school offer by giving a free XBox for any any PC purchase worth above $699.

applewwdc2011 216x300 Apple to Offer $200 Discount on iPad 2 with Back To School Offer?: BGR ReportsBGR reports that Apple will unveil this year’s Back To School Offer during Apple WWDC from June 6 to June 10. BGR says that the iPad 2 offer is in addition to Apple’s usual educational educational discounts of “Buy a Mac and get an iPod Touch free”.

Apple typically offers student discount in the range of 10% off or up to $200 off on Apple products. However, Apple has not given any student or educational discount on its iPad. A $200 discount on iPad 2 for sure will make it the popular tablet or eBook reading device in U.S. campuses. And yes, it will also hugely boost its iBook/iTunes store revenue. Will Apple help make iPads a huge hit among students?



  1. Will says

    Steve has been pretty much occupied with the launching of iQuit resignation and has no time to care about promotional stuff this year. Let’s just hope the new CEO can make people happy.

  2. Jay says

    I was hoping a student discount for at least 10% would be available! I guess I’ll wait for the Ipad 3 to come out next year. My brother just bought the Ipad2 and he loves it but over $600 is a bit much without some type of discount.

  3. Jennie says

    So, when do they actually proccess the discount in ipad ? or just lure the students to the shop to buy something else?

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