Facebook Alternative Diaspora Releases Source code


Diaspora, the open social network project that gained popularity and raised over $200,000 from Facebook Privacy backlash, announced that it is releasing the dource code for Diaspora for developers. Diaspora said This is now a community project and development is open to anyone with the technical expertise who shares the vision of a social network […]

Apple: 1 Million Ping Users in Two Days


Apple announced that with in 48 hours of the launch of Ping, Apple’s new social network for music, more than one million users joined. Steve Jobs unveiled iTunes 10 with Ping at the special fall event on Wednesday. Ping lets users follow their favorite artists and friends to learn more about trending music and help […]

Google Buys Angstro and Beefs Up Google Me Social Team

Google added Ångströ to its this week’s shopping cart.  With this buy, Google adds Angstro co-founder Rohit Khare to beef up its Google Me social team consisting of Vic Gundotra and Max Levchin. The acquisition was first reported by LA Times, but the financial details of the acquisition is not known. Rohit Khare announced the acquisition […]

Facebook Unveils “Location” Based Service: Facebook Places


Facebook unveiled a much rumored and much anticipated product called Places. Facebook Places lets users broadcast their locations in real time and let them “Check In” at places. By checking in, a user is letting his friends know where the user is. After checking in, the user can also easily see any of his friends […]

Facebook Wants to Answer Your Questions


Facebook unveiled a different kind of search feature to Facebook, with the aim of getting right answers to your questions.  Facebook introduced “Facebook Questions”, where users can pose questions to Facebook community and get most reliable answers from them. Imagine, you have question. One of the first things you would do is ask your friend. […]

Google Building Facebook Rival: WSJ Reports

Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is building its own version of Social Networking site to take on Facebook. Google has attempted to get into social networking before with Orkut and Google Buzz. However, Google failed to make an impact in Social networking domain, where Facebook and twitter are the top two players. Google […]

Facebook Hits Half a Billion Mark


Facebook announced today that the number of active members in the social networking site has reached 500 millions. Founded in  2004 at dorm rooms of Harvard, Facebook has been growing at a dramatic pace. Facebook took five years to get to 250 million users. However, with in a year (since last summer) the number of […]

Twitter Explains Its Storm of Fail Whales

Twitter explained the problems it has been facing and what Twitter is doing to fix them. Twitter site has been frequently slow and it shows the fail whale image saying that Twitter is dealing with too many tweets and please wait. Twitter’s Mistakes In today’s blog Twitter Engineering acknowledged that it made three critical mistakes […]

Twitter Troubles


Twitter is continuing to face network problems due to over capacity. Twitter threw up the whale yet again today. Twitter acknowledged the problem in its status blog and said We’re seeing periodic high rates of errors on Twitter.com. We’re currently working to resolve this. GigaOm is wondering whether the increase in traffic from the world […]

Diaspora, A Open Facebook Alternative Raises $200,000


The open social network project Diaspora, started by four NYU students to build an open alternative to Facebook raised more than $200,000 in month. Diaspora is a “privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all distributed open source social network” aiming to be the next Facebook. Diaspora started out in April 24 to raise just $10,000 by June 1. […]