iPhone 4S Tips,Tricks and FAQs- Part 1

iPhone4S Tips and Tricks

So, You have the iPhone 4S, the latest version of Apple’s iPhone. You are one of the few millions in the world to get hold of the iPhone 4S. You either braved the really long lines or you were wise enough to place the order online at wee hours fighting the server breakdown. Now is […]

Apple iPad 2 Tips and Tricks - Part 1


Now that you have the much desired iPad 2 in your hands, it is time to put to use. Here are some cool tips and tricks to fully begin to utilize the iPad 2.  Learning these tips and tricks is only a beginning as the apps designed for iPad, add a totally a new dimension […]

Tips and Tricks to Extend Motorola Xoom Battery Life


Motorola Xoom, the firs tablet running on Google’s tablet version of Android and the first real competitor to Apple iPad has hit the store shelves. Motorola Xoom is widely received with favorable reviews, but the general opinion is that Xoom is bit pricey. Motorola Xoom was probably the most anticipated tablet after iPad. Google’s tablet […]

Google Offers Some Cool Android Tips and Tricks


Fresh from launching the latest version of Android, Android 2.3/Ginegerbread with the new Google Phone Nexus S, Google offered Android tips & tricks in its blog. In addition to general tips, Google also offered some Android keyboard shortcuts and a few Android apps that every Android users will love. Here are the cool Android tips from […]

Google Chrome Tips: Part 1

Earlier this month Google Chrome celebrated its second anniversary.   With in two years Google Chrome has captured 10% of global browser share. The reasons for its ascendency is simple: Google Chrome is sleek, secure, really fast and it rarely crashes. Here are some tips that will be handy in using Google Chrome. How To Copy […]

How To Make Phone Calls Using Gmail?

Google recently integrated its Google Voice and Gmail to let Gmail users make any phone calls right from the Gmail inbox. One of the nice features of the phone calls in Gmail is that it is free of charge in US and Canada (at least till the end of the year). The international calls are […]

Google Makes it Easier to Find the Right Chrome Extensions


Google announced in its Google Chrome blog that now it is easier to find the right Google Chrome extensions one might be interested in. Google has been constantly working on Google Chrome browser to keep it faster, safer, and more useful than ever before. One nice feature of the Chrome browsers are the thousands of […]

Droid X/Droid 2 Tips: How To “Type” Smart Using Swype


Droid X and Droid 2 comes with Swype, a new way text entry on smartphones that does not require typing. Traditional text entry requires that each letter need to be typed on keyboard. However, Swype lets users glide a finger across the virtual keyboard on smartphones to enter text. For example, if you move your […]