Microsoft to Acquire Perceptive Pixel - a Leader in Multi-Touch Technology

Microsoft Acquires Perceptive Pixel Inc

Microsoft is armoring itself with multi-touch display technology. Microsoft announced that it will be acquiring the leading multi-touch display technology company Perceptive Pixel Inc.(PPI). Remember CNN’s touch display during the 2008 election coverage? That was Perceptive Pixel’s multi-touch technology. Perceptive Pixel was founded in 2006 by Jeff Han and started producing multi-touch workstation and large […]

Microsoft Announces 2012 Back To School Offer: Buy a PC and Get a Free Xbox 360

Microsoft to Students: Buy a PC and Get Xbox 360 Free

Microsoft announced that its Back To School offer for the year 2012 will be begin in US starting from 20 May, Sunday. The back to school offer will help the students who leave and enter school in the year 2012. Just like last year, as part of Microsoft’s back to school offer, students who buy […]

Microsoft Unveils Windows 8 Developer Preview


Microsoft launched and made it available its next version of Windows operating system, code named Windows 8, as developer preview at its developers’ conference Build at Los Angeles. Microsoft highlighted a number of key features in the new Windows 8. The major highlight includes all new metro style Touch-First User Interface. The new interface aims to […]

AT&T Introduces Three New 4G Smartphones Running Windows 7.5 “Mango”


AT&T announced that it is expanding its Windows Phone portfolio with three new 4G smartphones, two from Samsung and one from HTC, running Microssoft’s upcoming mobile OS, Windows 7.5, Mango.  With the three addition to its Windows phones, AT&T will become the carrier to sell the most Windows Phones.   The three new 4G Mango smartphones; […]

Microsoft Announces BlueHat Prize Contest for Hackers


Microsoft announced the BlueHat Prize contest with top prize money of $200,000 for hackers. Announcing the BlueHat Prize contest Microsoft said the contest is designed to generate new defensive ideas to support computer security. Microsoft hopes to inspire researchers to develop innovative solutions to address serious security threats. The inaugural Microsoft BlueHat Prize contest calls […]

Microsoft Shots Back at Google and Google Fires Back on “Android-Patent-gate”

Microsoft Tweets Back at Google "Android-Patent-Gate"

Microsoft shot back at Google for accusing Microsoft of coming up with bogus patent claims and colluding with other companies just to prevent Google buying Nortel’s patents, to kill Android. Yesterday, Google’s David Drummond made these accusations directly in a Google’s blog post. David Drummond accused Microsoft to get into bed with its arch rival […]

Google Blasts at Microsoft and Apple for Bogus Patents to Kill Android

In an unusual move, completely out of blue, Google has directly attacked Microsoft and Apple for joining hands together to kill Android with bogus patents. Google made these accusations, in a blog post titled “When patents attack Android”, by David Drummond Google’s Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer. Google Recently lost its bid to […]

Nortel’s Patents: Google Loses to Apple, Microsoft, RIM, and Sony


Google loses its bid to win thousands of patents from Nortel’s patent portfolio. Nortel announced that a consortium containing the major tech companies, including Apple, EMC, Ericsson, Microsoft, RIM, and Sony won its bid to acquire Nortel’s patent suite for US$4.5 billion. Nortel’s patent portfolio include more than 6,000 patents and patent applications in the […]

Verizon Launches HTC Trophy, Verizon’s First Windows Phone 7


Verizon announced that HTC Trophy, its first Windows Phone 7 will be available for sale online starting from May 26. HTC Trophy will be available at Verizon retail stores starting from June 2. Verizon has priced HTC Trophy at $149.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement. Verizon also requires that HTC Trophy […]

Microsoft’s Back to School Offer: A Free Xbox 360 with a PC Purchase


Microsoft announced a interesting Back to School Offer to counter upcoming Apple’s promotion. Guess what, Microsoft wants students to have fun while studying by offering a free Xbox 360 4GB console with a purchase of Windows 7 PC with the price over $699.  Yes, you can buy any PC and get the Xbox 360 worth […]