Nokia Unveils its First Smartphones Powered By Windows Phone: Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710

Nokia Unveils Windows SmartPhone

At the Nokia World 2011, Nokia unveiled the first smartphones from Nokia powered by Windows phone. Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 will be the first of many Nokia smartphones running on Windows to take on the smartphone world dominated by Apple and Android. Nokia Lumia 800 Nokia Lumia 800 features attractive new design and […]

Apple Agrees to Pay Nokia Over Patent Dispute

Apple and Nokia have settled the two-year long lawsuit over patents, with Apple agreeing to pay Nokia. Announcing the agreement of patent license with Apple, Nokia said the agreement would settle all patent issues between the companies and both Apple and Nokia would withdraw their¬†complaints to the US International Trade Commission. Under the agreement Apple […]

Android to Grab 50% of Smartphone OS Share by 2012


There is yet another report of how the world is going to be Androidified. Gartner reports that Android will have grabbed nearly 50% of smartphone OS marker worldwide by end of 2012. Gartner says the by 2011 year end, Android will become the most popular OS with market share of 38.5% and it will build […]

Windows Phone to be No. 2 OS Behind Android by 2015 : IDC Reports


The International Data Corporation (IDC) reports that smartphones are going to rule the world of phones and smartphone market share is expected to grow 50% in 2011. In the latest quarterly report, IDC reported that smartphone makers will ship more than 450 million smartphones in 2011 compared to 303 millions in 2010. Kevin Restivo, senior […]

Nokia Revamps and Makes Windows Phone as its Primary Smartphone Strategy


In a last ditch effort to stop the slide in mobile technology, Nokia announced that it is joining hands with Microsoft to build a new global mobile system. As part of the strategy, Nokia will abandon its Symbian operating system for smartphone and embrace Microsoft Windows Phone. Nokia said it would adopt “Windows Phone as […]

Apple Beats RIM to get in to the Top Five Mobile Makers in the World


A study by the market intelligent analyst International Data Corporation (IDC) shows that Apple joins the club of top five phone makers in the world. Apple is in the fourth position by beating RIM, which is at the fifth position. The rise of Apple over RIM in IDC‚Äôs report is interesting as Steve Jobs boasted […]

Nokia Dangles $10 Million and Lures App Developers


Nokia, in an effort to bolster its bleak Nokia App store for smartphones, joined hands with AT&T and announced a developer contest for apps with the total prize money of $10 million. The App contest, named “2010 Calling All Innovators, North America” is open to all developers around the world to creat apps for mainly […]

Android No. 2 Worldwide by 2010, Gartner Predicts


Gartner, the technology research and advisory company, predicts that Android will become No. 2 mobile operating system Worldwide in 2010 and by 2014 Android will challenge Nokia‚Äôs¬†Symbian for No. 1 position. In a press release, Gartner said that Android and Symbian will have the worldwide market share of 58% on mobile OS by 2014. Although […]

Intel and Nokia Join Hands to Create a Research Lab

Intel announced in a press release that it is joining hands with Nokia and University of Oulu, Finland to open a new research lab. The research center will house about two dozen research professionals and the major focus of the new university research center will be on 3D technology for mobile. The research lab will […]

Nokia Acquires Motally-a Mobile Analytics Startup


Nokia announced that it is siging a deal to acquire the US based mobile analytics company Motally. Motally is small San-francisco based startup founded in 2008 and with just eight employees now. Motally is mobile analytics company that offers technology ¬†solution to track and report the mobile usage statistics on mobile websites and applications. In […]