Kindle Owners With Amazon Prime Membership Get to Borrow eBooks for Free

Amazon Launches Kindle Lenders Library

Amazon announced that Amazon Kindle owners with an Amazon Prime membership will have a new benefit of the ability to borrow eBooks for free.  Announcing the Kindle owner’s Lenders Library, Amazon said it offers over 5,000 titles, including more than 100 current and former New York Times Bestsellers, that can be borrowed one at a time for […]

Amazon Launches Kindle Cloud Reader

Amazon kindle cloud reader logo

Amazon expanded on its theme of Buy Once and Read Everywhere to cloud with Kindle Cloud reader. Amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader allows readers to read all of Kindle books on the browser. Kindle Cloud reader is built on HTML 5 technology and optimizes for the platform you are using to read. Amazon Cloud Reader automatically […]

Nook Beats Kindle in Consumer Reports’ eBook Reader Ratings


For the first time since Amazon launched Kindle, Kindle is not at the top spot for the best eBook Reader. Consumer Reports tests have found that the new Nook Simple Touch Reader from Barnes & Noble beats Kindle in its tests. The Nook is not just a worthy competitor to the Kindle, but a winner […]

Nook Effect: Amazon Fights Back with Kindle 3G with Special Offers for $164


Fighting back to Barnes and Noble’s new Nook, The Simple Touch Reader, Amazon announced that it is introducing the Kindle 3G E-Reader with Special Offers for $164. The new Kindle 3G with Special Offers is $26 cheaper than the original Kindle 3G. Amazon launched Kindle Wi-Fi with Special Offers last month for just $114. Kindle […]

Amazon Announces Ad Supported Kindle for $114


Amazon announced today that it will be selling Amazon Kindle for just $114 ($25 cheaper). Amazon could cut down $25 on this Kindle as it is supported by ads. Amazon calls it Amazon Kindle with Special Offers.  Amazon Kindle with Special offers is the same as the latest generation Kindle and the ads will be […]

Amazon: Kindle is the Bestselling Product of All Time on Amazon


Amazon announced that Third-Generation Kindle became the bestselling product of all time on Amazon worldwide. Amazon introduced the latest generation Amazon Kindle for $139 just five months ago. With in the five month, Kindle topped  the sales of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” and became as bestselling product of Amazon. As usual Amazon did not reveal […]

Amazon Launches Gifting Kindle Books with Just an Email Address


Amazon announced that one can gift Kindle books to anyone with an email address. Yes, it does not require Kindle any longer. Amazon Kindle is the most gifted item in Just to make it easier to gift each other during the holiday season, Amazon unveiled the much wanted feature. One can read Kindle eBooks […]

Amazon Increases Revenue Share of Kindle Magazine and Newspaper Publishers


Amazon announced that starting from December 1, magazine and newspaper publishers will be able to earn a 70% revenue share for each title they sell in the Amazon Kindle Store. This is a huge increase when compared to the current revenue share by Amazon. As of now Amazon shares, only a meagre 30% of the […]

Amazon Kindle- the Fastest Selling Kindle Ever and Kindle Books Beat Print by 2 to 1

Amazon announced that the new generation Kindles are the fastest-selling Kindles of all time. Not just that, the new Kindles are the bestselling products on and  Amazon announced that the number of new generation Kindles sold since their introduction has already gone past total Kindles sold from October through December 2009. As per […]