American Mathematician John Milnor Wins the Abel Prize for 2011


The Abel Prize, one of the top awards in Mathematics, is awarded to the American Mathematician John Milnor,   Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Stony Brook University, New York.  John Milnor was born in New Jersey and went to Princeton University for his undergraduate and PhD degrees. The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters announced that John […]

Harvard Computer Scientist Leslie Valiant Wins Turing Award 2010


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) announced that the Harvard Computer Scientist, Les Valiant, has won the 2010 A.M. Turing award - the highest honor in computer science. The Turing award is also considered as the Nobel prize for Computer Science. Les Valiant is a professor of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics in School of Engineering […]

CERN Scientists Trap Antimatter Atoms Briefly


CERN scientists announced in a paper published in the journal Nature that they could successfully produce and trap Antihydrogen atoms. Antimatter particles are the exact opposite of the particles/atoms that we see or made of.  Matter and its counterpart are identical in all sense except for opposite charge. The moment the meet, they annihilate themselves […]

Scientists Complete the Pilot Phase of the 1000 Genomes Project


Scientists published the results of the pilot phase of 1000 Genomes Project - the biggest quest to map all human genetic variants and find the rare variants, in the journal Nature. The 1000 Genome Project was launched in 2008 with the goal of cataloging DNA variants that is 95% complete at the frequency of 1%. […]

Astronomers Discover the Most Distant Galaxy Ever


A team of astronomers from Europe measured the distance to the most remote galaxy so far using ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT). Astronomers detected the faint light that left the galaxy UDFy-38135539 about 600 million years after the Big Bang. The Big Bang theory the most widely accepted hypothesis for the origin of the universe predicts […]

Doubts Over the Existence of the Newly Discovered Habitable Planet

If you were fancying your chance to visit the recently discovered planet that can possibly support life, located 20 light years away from earth, hold on. You may be up for a disappointment. Astronomers from Europe have raised doubts over the discovery of the “habitable” planet and suggested that they could not confirm the existence […]

Father of Test Tube Baby Wins Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine


It is that time of the year again. The Nobel Foundation announced the Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine for  2010. The Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine goes to Robert G. Edwards the father of test tube baby “for the development of in vitro fertilization”. Robert G. Edwards is a British physiologist working […]

Scientists Discover Earth-Like Habitable Planet


Planet hunting scientists from University of California, Santa Cruz and the Carnegie Institution of Washington have discovered Earth-sized planet in so-called “habitable zone” where water could exist and support life. For scientists, a planet is habitable if it satisfies a number conditions that can support life forms. For example, a planet should have liquid water, […]

IBM Develops a Breakthrough Technique in Nanotechnology


IBM researchers have made a breakthrough discovery in nanotechnology by developing a new technique that can make high speed measurements of individual atoms. The new technique enables scientists to measure how long a single atom can hold information. And now scientists can record, and “visualize” extremely fast events that happen inside atoms. IBM researchers published […]

Fields Medal, the Nobel Prize for Math, Awarded to Four Mathematicians


International Mathematical Union (IMU) announced the 2010 Fields Medal winners at the opening of the International Congress of Mathematicians  (ICM 2010) in Hyderabad, India. Fields Medals are equivalent to Novel Prize for Mathematics and have been awarded since 1936 to path breaking young mathematicians below 40 years of age. However, unlike the Nobel Prize, Fields […]