iPad 2 Data Plans: What Do You Need to Know?

whichipad ipad 3g iPad 2 Data Plans: What Do You Need to Know?The all new iPad 2 will be here this Friday. Have you decided when and where to buy the new iPad 2? Unlike the first generation iPad, this time with iPad 2 one has more choices.

  • Black or White?
  • 16GB or 32GB or 64GB,
  • Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi+3G,
  • AT&T or Verizon,
  • online or Apple store or BestBuy or Walmart or Target.

The moment you get your iPad 2 with 3G, you might want to check how the new iPad 2 works on the go. With Verizon and AT&T in the fray for iPad 2, it is better to know which data plan is worth more for the money you spend.   Here is all you need to know about what AT&T and Verizon are offering for AT&T.

The big question that comes up in almost everyone’s mind is, Do I need need to have a contract for iPad 2 data plan?. In both AT&T and Verizon’s data plans, just like the first generation iPad, you don’t really need to have monthly subscription for your iPad 2. Yes, both are contract free and you can choose to have the data plan whenever you want it.

AT&T iPad 2 Data Plans

Are you the lucky one to get the unlimited data plan with the first generation iPad for $30, you get to keep that plan with the new iPad 2 as well.

For others, AT&T has two contract free monthly options, one pre-paid and post-paid for iPad 2 and other tablets. AT&T’s pre-paid plan offers two monthly plans, 250MB of data for $15 or 2GB for $25. And any additional data usage will begin a new monthly plan. And yes, just like the first generation iPad, there are no activation fee for iPad 2 data plans.

Now to attract more iPad 2 users AT&T is offering post-paid billing option for the same two monthly plans 250MB of data for $15 or 2GB for $25. Any over usage of data in the 2GB plan will cost just $10 per 1GB.  And the users will be charged to their wireless account bill. In addition, for a limited time, AT&T is offering the 2GB for $25 plan free for a month when you activate the post-paid plan.

Verizon iPad 2 Data Plans

VerizoniPad2Dataplans 300x94 iPad 2 Data Plans: What Do You Need to Know?Verizon is offering a variety of data plans tailored for iPad 2. The iPad 2 data plan with Verizon starts at $20 for 1GB. Verizon also offers

  • $35 for 3GB
  • $50 for 5GB
  • $80 for 10GB

Verizon vague says that any additional plan can be added with in a month. That possibly means that users have to choose one of the four available plans if their data usage exceeds the current plan. Verizon used to charge $35 as activation fee with the first generation iPad using MiFi.  However, there is no activation fee for iPad 2. Verizon says

At launch, Verizon Wireless will offer prepaid month-to-month service options payable with credit or debit card. These options do not require an activation fee.

Who has Cheaper iPad 2 Data Plans? AT&T or Verizon?

If you are wondering which plan AT&T or Verizon is cheaper? Answer to that question kind of depends on how much data do you need or use. If you are an occasional/light user, Verizon’s $20 per 1GB plan scores over AT&T easily (when there is no activation fee from Verizon). Comparing just the basic data plan of AT&T, for just $5 more one gets four times higher data with Verizon.

If you regularly use your iPad 2 3G and will be on the road constantly, here is a comparison of how much AT&T and Verizon plans will cost you over a year’s period.   If your data needs are not more than 250MB per month, you are better off with AT&T. For any thing higher, Verizon is the better bet. If you don’t want to go with Verizon, AT&T’s Post-paid option is the best option. AT&T’s pre-paid option is good only for occasional users.

attverizonipad2dataplancomparison1 iPad 2 Data Plans: What Do You Need to Know?


iPad 2 Data Plan: Whether to Tether?

Another option one can think about, if one already has a nice smartphone with mobile hotspot capability is to use it iPhone4Hotspot 157x300 iPad 2 Data Plans: What Do You Need to Know?to tether iPad 2. In that case, one can just go for iPad 2 with just Wi-Fi alone and save $130.

AT&T announced that it will be supporting iPhone 4’s Personal Hotspot feature that comes with iOS 4.3. AT&T offers Data Pro Plan for iPhone 4 with tethering option for $45 for $4GB total data. Additional data usage costs $10 per GB (www.att.com/dataplans). If you are already having the Data Pro plan, it is probably a good idea to consider buying iPad 2 with Wi-Fi and tether your iPad 2. This amounts to just about $20 for 2GB plus the saving of $130.

Verizon also offers mobile hotspot option for smartphone. The hotspot feature with Verizon costs $20 for 2 GB with Verizon’s $29.99 unlimited plan for iPhone 4. Any additional usage of data will cost 20$ per GB ($10 more than AT&T’s plan).

If you are not sure how much data you need and want to get the feel of data usage for activities on the web check the useful resources below.

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