How To Increase HTC EVO 4G’s Battery Life?

The first 4G smartphone HTC EVO 4G in US is available for sale from Sprint network. Although HTC EVO was reviewed as a phone of the future, it’s major complaint is its poor battery life.

Here is what the top reviews had to say about HTC EVO’s battery life.

  • htcevo How To Increase HTC EVO 4Gs Battery Life? “Battery on the EVO is shorter-lived than a plotline in a Seth McFarland show.”
  • CNET Review: “Battery drains quickly with 4G”
  • TechCrunch: “Horrible battery life, Terrible battery life, Really, really bad battery life”
  • Gizmodo: “Miserable battery life”
  • ZDNet: “One knock on the Evo 4G is it’s abysmal battery life. It’s pretty atrocious”

Although the above reviews of HTC battery life paints a gloomy picture, there is hope. GigaOM’s jkOnTheRun review says that “a little diligence is all that is needed to stretch the battery out all day.” It further says that,

I was concerned about battery life based on accounts I had seen on the web prior to using the EVO. Those concerns were unfounded, as I find the battery lasts all day with fairly heavy usage. Battery drain depends on how the phone is used, and with so many radios in the EVO it can be hit hard. With normal use the lowest the battery has drained on a given day is 11 percent left in the tank at day’s end.

HTC says that the Li-Ion battery provides up to 6 hours of continuous talk time. Battery life depends on the usage. For example, long backlight settings, vibrate mode, web usage, searching for signal, and others may reduce the battery life.

Improve Battery Life: Power-Saving Tips From HTC

HTC EVO 4G is loaded with a number cool features. One simple way to increase battery life is to pay attention to the features that are on and use the features (and keep it on) only when they are needed. Here are some simple tips from HTC to increase the battery life.

Reduce Brightness and Display ON-time

Adjusting the display brightness and the amount of time the display is ON are possibly the simplest ways to save power on HTC EVO’s battery.

How To Change Brightness on HTC EVO?:  To change the brightness of EVO’s display,

  • Press “Home Key > Menu Key ” on the front side of the phone, then touch/tap “Settings > Sound & display > Brightness” on the screen.

One could easily change the brightness level of the screen as one desires.

Another easy way to adjust display setting is to use the “Power Control Widget”. For convenience, one can have the Power Control Widget on the home screen and use it to adjust screen brightness and backlight on-time.

How To Change Screen ON-time? After each use of the phone, typically the phone screen will turn off automatically to save power. One way to save power is to set this  idle time before the screen turns off to be shorter.  To change this idle time,

  • Press “Home key > Menu Key”, and tap  “Settings > Sound & display > Screen timeout”

and then choose a shorter timeout value to save EVO battery power. HTC also suggests to turn off the screen by pressing the power button. The device will continue to function.

Close the Applications That Are Not in Use

androidtm How To Increase HTC EVO 4Gs Battery Life? Running multiple unwanted applications drains the battery. One can close the applications that are not in use and save battery power.  To close applications, one needs a third party application called “Task Manager” from Android market.

Understand HTC EVO’s Wireless Functions

HTC EVO has a number of wireless functions, like 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Hotspot, and GPS. All these functionalities consume  a lot of power and drains the battery. Therefore, switch them off, if they are not in use.

Fetch Mails Less Frequently/Manually

The battery life depends on how often your email client checks for new mails. HTC EVO users can change the frequency with which your email account checks and downloads. Changing the Email Synchronization Schedule to less frequent will help save the battery.

How To Change Email Fetch Frequency in EVO?

1. Go to Mail and choose an email account.
2. In the Inbox, press “menu key” and tap “More > Settings > Send & Receive > Schedule” on the screen.
3. In the “Frequency” section, tap “Peak times or Off-peak times”, and then select an email download frequency.

Keep EVO at Right Temperature

htcevobattery 297x300 How To Increase HTC EVO 4Gs Battery Life? HTC says that the cold weather decreases EVO’s battery performance , especially it affects camera’s flash light. Keep EVO warm, to make sure EVO’s “camera has enough battery life to power up the flash light”.  When EVO is not in use, HTC recommends to keep EVO inside your jacket to prevent EVO becoming cold.  In general, sudden change in temperature  may affect EVO’s battery performance. HTC recommends that

Do not leave the product or its battery inside a vehicle or in places where the temperature may exceed 60°C (140°F), such as on a car dashboard, window sill, or behind a glass that is exposed to direct sunlight or strong ultraviolet light for
extended periods of time.

TechCrunch’s Tips to Save EVO’s Battery

In addition to these HTC recommendations to increase battery life, one can also save battery power by using the tips and tricks suggested by the top Tech blog, TechCrunch.
TechCrunch suggests the following tricks to improve battery life.

  • Get rid of the large HTC widgets like bookmarks and FriendStream
  • Turn off widget animation
  • Use a static background rather than a live background

Check here to learn more about TechCrunch’s tips and trick to increase battery life.


  1. cassieco says

    I have had the evo for about 2 weeks. The battery is awful & i think its ridiculous that they would sell a phone you have to charge so much. Everyone needs to have a phone to rely on and you cant with the evo. The “task killer” will hurt the software running on your phone so dont get it. I rate the evo 2 stars. Im taking myn back. Thanks for reading. Hopefully it helps.

  2. Amandaa (: says

    Okay,well every Evo is different. I’m 13 and I always use my phone,& it stays charged like anyother phone. You just can’t have too many apps and keep the brightness low. And download an app called juice defender. It really helps. But don’t get that task manager crap,it constantly froze my phone when I used it. And the Facebook app drains A LOT of battery,so when you’re not using it,log out. Don’t keep too many widgets on your screens,or leave the screen on too long. Oh,and don’t put your phone on vibrate,that kills it .c:
    Hope this helped? (:
    -Amanda Aileen <3


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