Apple: iPhone 4S Pre-Order Sales Hit a MIllion in a Single Day

iPhone 4S

Apple announced that the pre-order sales of iPhone 4S is a huge success and the iPhone sales topped one million in a single day. This is a record breaking launch for any Apple product. The previous single day pre-order sales record was 600,000 and it was held by iPhone 4 launched last year. Announcing the […]

Apple Sells Out iPhone 4S and Now it Ships in 1-2 Weeks

Apple Sells Out iPhone4S PreOrder

Apple has sold out its iPhone 4S preorder online so that customers receive it on Oct 14, the same day as it launches on retail stores. If one preorders now, Apple will ship in 1-2 weeks. Earlier, on Friday Apple began accepting pre-order for iPhone 4S online and Apple promised to deliver it on Oct […]

Tweets Travel Faster Than Earthquakes: Twitter’s Latest Ad

Twitter, Faster Than Earthquakes

Twitter’s latest ad is claiming that tweets travel faster than earthquakes. The latest twitter ad makes use of last week’s earthquake that shook both DC and NewYork and starts off saying that It took 30 seconds for the August 23rd earthquake to travel from Washington DC to New York. Just enough time to tweet. Then […]

Apple to Offer iPhone 4 Discount a new 8GB iPhone 4

Apple to Offer a new 8GB iPhone 4 with Price Discount

Reuters is reporting that Apple will unveil a new 8GB iPhone 4 for the masses, when it unveils the all new iPhone 5 in the next few weeks. Reuter reports that Apple has given orders to a South Korean company to make 8GB flash drive and with 8GB iPhone Apple can offer the iPhone at […]

Apple Begins Selling Unlocked iPhone 4 for $649 & $749 in U.S.


The wide spread rumor on unlocked iPhone 4 has come true. Apple has started selling its unlocked version of GSM iPhone 4 starting from $649. Apple is selling unlocked version of 16GB and 32GB iPhone 4 (GSM) models in both White and Black colors. The 16GB unlocked version costs $649 and the 32GB unlocked version […]

Apple Testing iPhone 4 on T-Mobile Network: BGR Reports


BGR is reporting that Apple is testing iPhone 4 on T-Mobile 3G network in USA. Immediately after AT&T announced the news of T-Mobile acquisition, the first thing a lot of T-Mobile customers wanted to know was, “Can I get iPhone on T-Mobile”? In an exclusive report, BGR got lots of photos of iPhone 4 on […]

Apple’s New iPhone Ads - “If You Don’t Have an iPhone” Series

Apple went on offensive and launched a series of new ads for iPhone. The general theme of these ads are “if you don’t have iPhone”, you don’t have a specific iPhone feature. Apple started this series last week and the ads are available on YouTube Apple channel. The latest in the series of “If you […]

Antenna-Gate II: Verizon iPhone 4 Also Has Antenna Issues, Consumer Report


If you thought the “antennagate” issue over iPhone 4’s signal was over long time back, you are wrong.  Consumer Report has reviewed Verizon iPhone 4 and says that Verizon iPhone 4 is facing the same signal attenuation problem as AT&T iPhone 4. Therefore, it can not recommend Verizon iPhone 4 to customers. Consumer Report says […]