Droid X Tips: How To Extend Droid X Battery Life

droidxmoto 138x300 Droid X Tips: How To Extend Droid X Battery LifeDroid X is a Android smartphone with a number of features, like bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and Mobile hotspot, that can consume power if not used properly. The key idea is to switch off a feature, if it is not in use, like any other smartphone.

Droid X has a 1540 mAh Li Ion battery with continuous usage time of up to 8 hrs (480 min) and standby time up to 220 hrs. Here are some tips to save power and extend Droid X battery life.

  1. Switch off Bluetooth when not in use.
  2. Switch off Wi-Fi connectivity, if Wi-Fi is not in use.
  3. Reduce the display brightness. Like any other phone brighter display mean more consumption of power.
  4. Don’t check for new email frequently. The best option to save battery is to check for new email manually when you want.
  5. Location based apps can use GPS and consume power. Switch Off GPS when not in use.
  6. Multitasking is not good for battery life.Reduce the number of apps running in the background.
  7. Reduce media usage, like playing music, and videos

Use Droid X Power Control Widget to Save Droid X Battery

Controlling these many options may look daunting at first. One can easily access these power saving options at your finger tip by having Power Control Widget right at your home screen. The  power widget can switch on/off  features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS,  and adjust display brightness.  To add the widget to your home screen:

  • Touch and hold a blank part of the Home Screen, then tap Widgets.
  • Select Power Control.
  • Touch and hold the widget to “drag it to the desired location on your Home screen”.

Monitor Battery Draining Features Using Droid X Battery Manager

Droid X’s Battery Manager offers a real time view of the apps or features that are hogging Droid X’s battery. One can easily access Battery Manager by going to home screen and Touch Menu > Settings > Battery Manager

Droid X Battery Manager offers three profiles with varying level of battery performance ranging from highest to lowest use of battery power.

  • Performance: meant for highest user of battery power
  • Smart: meant for smart power managing
  • Battery Saver Mode: Meant for  using least amount of battery power.

Train Droid X Battery to Improve Battery Life

Training the new battery is a good practice to increase battery retention and the number of life-cycles. Motorola gives tips to train your battery to get improved battery life. The way to train the battery is to fully charge it and drain the battery completely.
Motorola says,

  • Turn off Motorola X and fully charge the battery until the LED stops flashing and remains on.
  • Charge the battery for an additional TWO hours.
  • Completely drain the battery
  • Repeat the process once again


  1. Wayne says

    I am a proud verizon customer, but i always seem to have a problem with my battery life of my choice of phones. It makes me so made that with my Droid X, ill play one level of Angry Birds and half of my battery life is missing. (What is going on ?) What can i do to reserve my battery life . im a talker but this new $400 fone is supposed to last. What can i do differentley to conserve my battery life other than the options listed ?

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