How to Connect iPhone 4 to Apple Wireless Keyboard?

keyboard external 300x183 How to Connect iPhone 4 to Apple Wireless Keyboard?If you type too much on using your iPhone then the new iOS 4 lets your connect an external keyboard. One can connect their iPhone 4 (or iPhone 3GS or more running on iOS 4) to Apple wireless keyboard using Bluetooth. Apple wireless keyboard will let you connect to your iPhone, if they are within 30 feet.

How To Pair a Wireless keyboard with your iPhone?

  • Go to “Settings”, choose General > Bluetooth
  • Tap the Bluetooth switch turn it on
  • Switch on the Apple wireless keyboard by pressing the power button.
  • On your iPhone, Go to Devices and tap on “Keyboard”

Once the iPhone is connected to the wireless keyboard, the onscreen keyboard will not appear on iPhone screen.  iPhone automatically disconnects the keyboard when it’s out of range (beyond 30 feet).

One can also easily disconnect the wireless keyboard by Pressing and holding the power button on the keyboard until the green light goes off.   To unpair the wireless keyboard from iPhone,

go to “Settings, select General > Bluetooth” and keyboard under Devices, then tap on “Forget this Device.”

Apple sells the external wireless keyboard (Bluetooth enabled) for $69. The Apple Wireless Keyboard uses two AA batteries and it automatically switches off when not in use. To save battery life one may need to turn off Bluetooth on iPhone when not in use. Apple wireless keyboard works with Mac computers and iPad.



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