Bing Piggy-backs on Facebook to Fight Google


Bing announced a number of new features that piggy-backs on Facebook to attract more users and fight Google and its new +1 product. Bing search got deeply integrated with Facebook to provide a more social search. With the new features, Bing wants to change the notion that search is all about about links and fact. […]

Bing to Power BlackBerry Devices

Microsoft’s Bing announced that it is joining hands with Blackberry to become the preferred search provider in Blackberry devices including smartphones and PlayBook tablet. In addition to search, Microsoft map application will be the preferred map app. Announcing the partnership with Blackberry, Bing said the alliance between Blackberry and Microsoft goes beyond a “search box”, […]

Bing Teams Up With Kayak to Offer Better Flight Search


The search engine, Bing, is continuing to make flight search easier for users. Bing announced today that it has teamed up with the travel website Kayak to offer a comprehensive travel search experience. Bing in its blog said that Kayal will give results for travel search in U.S. With Kayak’s partnership and its existing travel […]

Google Accuses Bing of Copying Search Results


Google accused its rival search engine Bing that it is cheating by copying search results from Google. Google complained to search engine land that Google’s sting operation found evidence that Bing has been using Microsoft IE to see what users search and click while doing Google search and use it to provide as Bing’s search […]

Bing Needs Little Help with Spelling and Launches Speller Challenge


Microsoft Research and Bing announced that they are launching a Speller Challenge to develop a speller that can generate the better spelling alternatives for a mistyped search query. Announcing the Speller Challenge, Bing said in its blog that the common technique of using Spelling alteration in search engines to correct typing errors by suggesting alternative […]

Bing Partners with Facebook to Make Search More Social


Facebook and Microsoft announced new features in Bing that will make search more social and personalized.Bing has added Facebook’s instant personalization to its search results. Bing will seek the help of your Facebook friends to answer your search queries on Bing. Bing unveiled two new features,”liked” search Bing results and people search powered by Facebook, […]

Microsoft Launches Bing Rewards Program Again


Bing launched a new program called Bing Rewards with the goal of engaging more users on Bing and increase awareness of what Bing can do to the public.   Bing Rewards lets user earn credits for using Bing search and exploring online. Bing says the credits are redeemable for rewards. Launching the preview of Bing Rewards […]

Bing Social to Suggest Twitter Users to Follow


Bing took one more step to become more social by adding one more layer of social its search.  Bing announced in its blog that it is introducing a new feature called “People Recommendation” on Bing Social. With more than 145 million accounts it is not easy to find interesting people to follow.  People Recommendation will help […]