Best Buy is Offering $50 Discount on iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 for Two Days

Best Buy Offers $50 Discount on iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S

Best Buy is offering $50 discount on iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S just for today and tomorrow Martin Luther Kind Day. With the $50 discount, now 16GB iPhone 5 costs $149.99 32GB iPhone 5 costs $249.99 16GB iPhone 4s costs $49.99 To find the two-day special deal on iPhone, go here and click at “Mobile phones” and […]

Best Buy Expecting Sprint iPhone 5 Pre-order Sales in October: BGR Reports

Best Buy to Launch Sprint iPhone 5 in October Week 1

The tech blog, BGR, has got hold of a leadked Best Buy document that tells that Best Buy is expecting to accept  Sprint iPhone 5 pre-orders starting from October first week. Yes, you heard it right. Sprint iPhone 5. The leaked document also warns that the date is subjected to change as it is Apple […]

More HP TouchPads to be Available at BestBuy: Droid Matters Reports

HP Touchpads to Available at BestBuy Stores

There is still hope for those of you interested in buying HP TouchPad. The tech blog Droid Matters reports that Best Buy has loads of them and will be shipping to local Best Buy stores soon. Droid Matters got hold of an internal memo that states that stores will receive HP Touchpads this week and suggests […]

Nexus S for AT&T Comes to Best Buy for $100

Nexus S Comes to AT&T

Samsung and Google announced that Nexus S, Samsung’s pure Google phone is available with AT&T. Till now Nexus S is available only with T-Mobile and Sprint. Starting from July 24, Nexus S for AT&T will be available at Best Buy stores for $99.99 with a new two contract. If you can not wait till the […]

Best Buy to Hold iPad 2 Promotion Tomorrow: Engadget Reports


Best Buy has been in the news regarding iPad 2 sales for a while ranging from Apple blacklisting Best Buy to Best Buy’s promotional event for iPad. Best Buy’s iPad 2 event seems to have come true. Engadget reports that Best Buy will be holding a special iPad 2 sale event Sunday April 17, that […]

Best Buy Stores Accepts Motorola Xoom Pre-order


Best Buy stores have started accepting pre-order for the Android Tablet, Motorola Xoom. Motorola Xoom is available for pre-order only from Best Stores, not from online. Once pre-ordered, one can pick up the Motorola Xoom on Thursday, February 24.  As of now Best Buy seems to be accepting pre-order for Motorola Xoom with 3G only […]

Best iPod Touch Deals for Thanksgiving


If you are already own a phone with contract and still interested in owning an iPhone-like device, but do not want to get into monthly paying bill, Apple’s latest version of iPod Touch may be the best choice. Apple’s latest iPod Touch, unveiled this Fall, is packed with all the great features of iPhone 4 […]

Best Buy to Offer Free Shipping Till December 21

It is now Best Buy’s turn to offer free shipping. Best Buy announced that it will be offering free online shipping on thousands of items till December 21, to make it easier for people to do their holiday shopping. Don’t get too excited, the free shipping offer is valid all CD’s, Blu-Ray and DVD movies, […]

Best Buy CEO Backtracks on his Statement on iPad Sales

One of the hot news in the tech circle today is, Is iPad Killing the Sales of Notebooks/Netbooks? Morgan Stanley’s report found that the fall of Notebook sales coincided with the announcement of Apple iPad. To add fuel to the “iPad Killing Notebooks/Netbooks”, Wall Street Journal quoted Best Buy CEO, Brian J. Dunn, in its report […]