9 Awesome Tips to Save iPhone Battery

Ultimate iPhone5s Battery Tips

Did you know that your most favorite Facebook app on your iPhone is draining iPhone’s batter unnecessarily? Try disabling Location Services and Background App Refresh for Facebook, and your battery percentage will increase from 12% to 17%. Want to improve your iPhone’s battery life? For every new iPhone release, there is zillion “How To Save […]

Office for iPad is Finally Here: Free to read, Pay to Edit


Microsoft unveiled Office for iPad and iPhone.  Unveiling Office for iPad, specifically Word, PowerPoint and Excel, Microsoft said  Office for iPad isn’t simply Office on another device. Office for iPad is totally reimagined  and built from scratch for the iPad to offer “touch experience”. Office for iPad is freely available to read word documents, view Excel […]

Best Buy is Offering $50 Discount on iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 for Two Days

Best Buy Offers $50 Discount on iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S

Best Buy is offering $50 discount on iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S just for today and tomorrow Martin Luther Kind Day. With the $50 discount, now 16GB iPhone 5 costs $149.99 32GB iPhone 5 costs $249.99 16GB iPhone 4s costs $49.99 To find the two-day special deal on iPhone, go here and click at “Mobile phones” and […]

Apple Selling Unlocked iPhone 5 (Contract-free) Starting from $649

Apple Sells Unlocked iPhone5

Apple has started selling unlocked iPhone 5 (and no-contract) just in time for the holiday season. The unlocked iPhone 5 works only with GSM-LTE networks. In US, the only network that can support 3G and 4G-LTE for the unlocked iPhone 5 is AT&T. However, on 3G it the unlocked iPhone 5 can work with T-Mobile […]

Amazon Takes a Dig at Apple iPad Mini with a Front Page Ad on Amazon

Amazon Takes Dig at Apple iPad Mini

Amazon is taking a dig Apple’s iPad mini with a special front page ad on Amazon.com. Amazon’s front page ad uses a quote from Gizmodo’s take on iPad Mini You just made a 7.9-inch tablet, and you’re dissing 7-inch tablets as compromised? Not only that, as we showed earlier, your 7.9-inch tablet has far fewer […]

Apple iPad Mini Event is On 23 october: “We’ve Got Little More to Show You”

Get ready to grab a iPad mini. Apple announced that it will be holding a special “iPad-mini” event with the multi-colored invite saying “We’ve got little more to show you”. The special Fall iPad mini plus other little things event will be held on 23 October at the California Theatre in San Jose.  The iPad […]

Apple Says Sorry For its iOS 6 “Map-Gate”

Apple Apologizes for Maps Failure

In a surprise move, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook issued an apology letterto Apple iOS 6 users for the frustration caused by its new Map. Apple published the letter on its front page at apple.com. If you are from different planet, Apple launched iOS 6 with its new iPhone 5. One of the biggest moves that […]

Watch Apple iPhone 5 New TV Ads

Apple iPhone 5 is here. Apple started accepting pre-order last week and started selling from stores today.  Needless to say Apple iPhone 5 has been selling really fast. Apple announced that iPhone 5 Pre-Orders topped two million in the first 24 hours, beating the previous record held by iPhone 4S. Just Apple started selling at stores […]

Apple’s Back To School Offer Ends on September 21


Apple’s Back To School Offer ends on September 21, the same day Apple starts selling Apple’s new iPhone 5 from stores. The 2012 Apple Back To School offer lets a qualified student buy a Mac and get $100 in iTunes card for buying apps or buy an iPad and get $50 for buying Apps. In […]