Amazon Drops Price of its AWS Services: EC2, S3, RDS, ElastiCache, and Elastic MapReduce


Amazon announced that it is cutting it price off  for Amazon Web Services. It happened to be the 42nd price drop on AWS since 2008.  Starting from 1st April, (it is for real though :)), AWS services will cost less with price drop up to 65% on its services. For example,  Amazon is reducing Amazon […]

Amazon Takes a Dig at Apple iPad Mini with a Front Page Ad on Amazon

Amazon Takes Dig at Apple iPad Mini

Amazon is taking a dig Apple’s iPad mini with a special front page ad on Amazon’s front page ad uses a quote from Gizmodo’s take on iPad Mini You just made a 7.9-inch tablet, and you’re dissing 7-inch tablets as compromised? Not only that, as we showed earlier, your 7.9-inch tablet has far fewer […]

Amazon Begins Shipping Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon announced that it has started shipping Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi+3G starting from 1st October. Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon’s new “non-tablet” 2-point multi touch 6-inch e-reader. Kindle Paperwhite features Amazon’s paperwhite technology that offers higher resolution reading in all conditions. Amazon’s patented “buit-in from light” technology allows lighting towards the display from above instead of projecting towards […]

Amazon Introduces a New Family of Kindle Fire Tablets and Kindle Readers

Amazon Launches Three New Kindle Fire Tablets

It is a Kindle rain from Amazon. Amazon launched three new Kindle Fire Tablets and two new Kindle e-readers at a special event in Santa Monica, Calif.. The three new Kindle Fire tablets comes in all price and size ranges and officially taking on the Apple’s high-end tablet market. Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ 4G LTE, […]

Amazon Launches Print Textbook Rental Program For Students

Amazon Offers Print TextBook Rental

Amazon announced that it will offering print textbooks for rent to college students. Amazon’s textbook rentals offers thousands of books to college students and a great opportunity to save money. The flexible rental program allows one to keep the textbooks for a semester. The program even allows students to write/highlight to some degree (Although it […]

Amazon Acquires Kiva Systems for $775 Million

Amazon Acquires Automation Technology Company Kiva Systems for $775 Million announced that it is acquiring Massachusetts based Kiva Systems, a material handling technology company for $775 million. Kiva Systems was founded in 2003 by current CEO Mick Mountz with the goal to develop material handling equipments and technology. Kiva Systems website says that Mick sought the help of two engineering and robotics Professors Peter Wurman from […]

Amazon Black Friday Kindle Sales Increases 4 Times Over Last Year

Amazon announced it had the best Black Friday Sales for its Kindle portfolio. And Amazon Kindle Fire is the best selling product since it was launched eight weeks ago. announcing the best thanksgiving sales Amazon Kindle Vice President Dave Limp said Even before the busy holiday shopping weekend, we’d already sold millions of the new […]

Amazon Reduces Kindle DX Price by $120

Amazon Drops Kindle DX Price -Black Friday Deals

Thanksgiving is here and Amazon is reducing the price of Kindle DX to $259, by dropping off $120 from its original price of $379. The Thanksgiving/ Black Friday Special discount on Kindle DX is only until Monday, November 28, while supplies last.

Kindle Fire Unboxing Photos


Amazon Kindle Fire has landed. Amazon has started accepting Kindle Fire orders a day earlier than it said. And for those who pre-orderded immediately after it announced Kindle Fire, Amazon made sure that Kindle Fire reached in time as promised. Kindle Fire’s reviews has also started pouring in. Overall it is a mixed bag of […]