Google Street View Adds Photos of Angor Wat Temples

Google Street View Adds Angor Wat Photos

Google Street View lets you wander through Angkor’s thousand-year-old temples. Google has added more than 90,000 new panoramic images to Cambodian’s Angor Wat to let the world experience the cultural and archaeological treasures. Announcing it in a blog, Google said its team used Street View cars, Trekkers and tripods to create these Street View photos. […]

244,237 German Houses Opt-out from Google Street View

Google announced that it has counted the number of houses in Germany which have decided to opt-out of Google Street view. Google’ s Street View project ran in to tough privacy laws in Germany during their quest to map everything. In April 2009, Google offered people in Germany to ask to blur their houses on […]

Google Street View, Now in All Seven Continents

Google announced in its blog that Google has added Brazil, Ireland, and Antarctica. With these three additions, now one can explore in all seven continents. Google launched Street View in the 2007 summer, with just five US cities; San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, and Denver. With in three years, Google Street View has […]

Google: Ooops, We Mistakenly Collected Your Personal Wi-Fi Data


Google dropped its own privacy bombshell, as if Facebook’s privacy imbroglio is not enough for us to deal with. Google in its blog today admitted that it mistakenly collected personal data during its Street View project from unencrypted wireless networks. As part of the Google Street View project, Google cars collects, photos, local Wi-Fi data, […]

Google Maps to Help Bikers in US

Google Maps Add Biking Directions

Google Maps Adds Bike Routes In its blog today, Google announced a new feature that will make bikers happy. Google Maps has added biking routes to its directions. This is in addition to directions by car, public transport, and walk.  Biking directions are available for hundreds of cities in US. One can access the biking […]