Awesome Tip to Make Your Old MacBook Air Like New: Replace SSD

A common problem in having a two/three year old expensive laptops, like MacBook Air, is that it gets really slow and battery runs out faster. And you are almost ready to move on to a new computer as every click seems to take years to the job.

Only when you check the price of new computer with similar spec you realize that you have spent too much money to get the old one just two years ago. Is there way to improve the performance of old computer? Especially improve the speed by making it faster for less money? Often, you are even ready to let go of six hours battery life and use the laptop as a desktop tethered by battery.

OWC SSD MacBookAir Awesome Tip to Make Your Old MacBook Air Like New: Replace SSD
How To Make Your Old MacBook Air Like New: Replace SSD

An article on Forbes asks the same question “How To Make Your MacBook Air Like New For Less Than $300” and gives an awesome( read cheaper) solution.

Most common reason for slow response by MacBook or MacBook Air is the aging Solid State Drive. The best option is to replace the old SSD with a new SSD to get performance like new. If you are lucky and bough MacBook Air between 2012 and 2013, Apple has found certain MacBook Airs have faulty SSD anf offers to replace it for free. Check the Apple page here to find out if your MacBook Air is eligible for the SSD replacement.

Otherwise, Other World Computing aka OWC offers cheaper SSDs that gives performance boost to your old Mac. A range OWC SSDs suitable for MacBook Air are available from $148. They offer upto * times more capacity and 68% faster. And very atypical of Apple, it is much easier to replace old SSD in MacBook/MacBook Air.

Read more about SSDs and how to change SSDs in MacBook from below.

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