Office for iPad is Finally Here: Free to read, Pay to Edit


Microsoft unveiled Office for iPad and iPhone.  Unveiling Office for iPad, specifically Word, PowerPoint and Excel, Microsoft said  Office for iPad isn’t simply Office on another device. Office for iPad is totally reimagined  and built from scratch for the iPad to offer “touch experience”. Office for iPad is freely available to read word documents, view Excel […]

Facebook Launches Connectivity Lab to Deliver Internet Via Drones and Satellites

Facebook's Connectivity Lab to Deliver Internet by Drones

Facebook announced that it is launching Connectivity Lab to work on future internet technologies to provide internet connectivity to everyone in the world. At Connectivity Lab, Facebook team will be working on a variety of technologies including solar-powered drones, satellites, and lasers with one goal of providing internet to all of us in the world. […]

Chariklo, The First Asteroid With A Ring System


Scientists have discovered the first asteroid with ring around it, not just one but two rings. The asteroid Chariklo orbits between Saturn and Uranus in the outer Solar System. Chariklo’s ring system has two sharp rings of only seven and three kilometres wide, separated by a nine kilometer gap. The two rings are named Oiapoque […]

Twitter Makes it Easy to Share Photos


Twitter announced an update to its mobile app that will make Twitter get more social with photos. The twitter update enables tagging upto ten people in a photo and share up to 4 photos in a tweet. These two new features are available on the latest Twitter app for iOS and Android devices. How to […]

Amazon Drops Price of its AWS Services: EC2, S3, RDS, ElastiCache, and Elastic MapReduce


Amazon announced that it is cutting it price off  for Amazon Web Services. It happened to be the 42nd price drop on AWS since 2008.  Starting from 1st April, (it is for real though :)), AWS services will cost less with price drop up to 65% on its services. For example,  Amazon is reducing Amazon […]

Yakov Sinai From Princeton University Wins 2014 Abel Prize

Yakov Sinai Wins 2014 Abel Prize

Yakov Sinai, a Russian mathematician, now a professor at Princeton University, wins the 2014 Abel Prize for his contributions to dynamical systems, ergodic theory, and mathematical physics . Yakov Sinai is known for his work in the field of complex dynamical systems, which is popularly known as chaos theory. In addition his influential work has […]

Snuglet: A cool tool for your Macbook

Snuglet to Keep Your Macbook Power Cable Connected

Tired of Apple MacBook’s MagSafe 2 power cable falling out? You are not alone to face the power cable connector problem and end up with less charge. Just found the really simple tool Snuglet that will keep the power cable connected to your MacBook. Snuglet started out as Kick Starter project and successfully crowd sourced […]

Twitter Turns 8 and Lets You Find Your First Tweet


Twitter turned eight years old and celebrated its birthday by allowing any user to access their first tweet.  In the blog post, twitter thanked its users by saying In 2006, people began to say a little something on Twitter through 140-character bursts of plain text. Eight years later, our users have transformed Twitter into place […]

Google Chromecast Goes Worldwide

Google Chromecast avaialble worldwide

Google announced that it is launching Google Chromecast worldwide. Google Chromecast, a  thumb-drive sized streaming device that lets you watch media on your TV from  smartphone, tablet or laptop. Google launched Chromecast in US for $35. Now Google is expanding Chromecast market to 11 countries, mainly in Europe.  Now, Google Chromecast will be available in Canada, […]

Google Drops Google Drive Pricing


Google announced that it is dropping Google Drive pricing to take on DropBox. Google Drive’s monthly storage plans drops to $1.99 for 100GB  from $4.99, $9.99 for 1TB  from $49.99, and $99.99 for 10TB. With the drastic drop, Google Drive is cheaper than Dropbox. DropBox offers its basic plan 2Gb for free and  $9.99 per month […]