9 Awesome Tips to Save iPhone Battery

Ultimate iPhone5s Battery Tips

Did you know that your most favorite Facebook app on your iPhone is draining iPhone’s batter unnecessarily? Try disabling Location Services and Background App Refresh for Facebook, and your battery percentage will increase from 12% to 17%. Want to improve your iPhone’s battery life? For every new iPhone release, there is zillion “How To Save […]

XKCD Explains How The Heartbleed Bug Works


It is almost impossible that you have not heard about the Heartbleed bug yet.  Heartbleed is on every TV channel and every other website has tried to explain, what is Heartbleed bug, its consequences, and what you need to do about it. However, nothing came close to indomitable XKCD’s explanation. XKCD’s explanation of “How The […]

Awesome Tip to Make Your Old MacBook Air Like New: Replace SSD

How To Make Your Old MacBook Air Like New: Replace SSD

A common problem in having a two/three year old expensive laptops, like MacBook Air, is that it gets really slow and battery runs out faster. And you are almost ready to move on to a new computer as every click seems to take years to the job. Only when you check the price of new […]

Twitter Acquires Cover App

Twitter Acquires Cover App

Twitter acquires Cover for Android, the app that gives you right app right time on your home screen in Android smartphone.  The Cover App for Android  learns what apps you use throughout the day  in different places you use your phone. And offers the apps on the home lock screen automatically.  For example, it learns when […]

Google Street View Adds Photos of Angor Wat Temples

Google Street View Adds Angor Wat Photos

Google Street View lets you wander through Angkor’s thousand-year-old temples. Google has added more than 90,000 new panoramic images to Cambodian’s Angor Wat to let the world experience the cultural and archaeological treasures. Announcing it in a blog, Google said its team used Street View cars, Trekkers and tripods to create these Street View photos. […]

Amazon Launches Fire TV: A Streaming Media Player for $99

Amazon Launches Fire TV for $99

Amazon launched Fire TV, a streaming media player for watching Netflix, Amazon Prime video, games and more. Amazon’s Fire TV can be plugged in to a HDTV and stream media content. Fire TV costs $99 and it is ready to be shipped. Fire TV is powered by a powerful quad-core processor, dedicated GPU, 2 GB […]

Google Celebrates 2014 April Fool’s Day with Gmail Shlefie, Pokémon Master and more

Google Celebrates April Fool's Day

Google is celebrating 2014 April Fool’s day with many jokes on us and Google. Gmail turned 10 years old and Google launched Gmail Shelfies to celebrate that. Gmail Shelfie, the SHareable sELFIE. Gmail Shelfie is built on the idea that you shouldn’t be selfish with your selfie. With just a few clicks, your mom, your […]

HTC One M8 Review Roundup #HTCOneM8

HTC-One-M8 Review Round Up

The HTC One M8 is here. HTC One One M8 is the latest phone that is ready to compete with Apple’s iPhone 5s and Samsun Galaxy S. HTC One M8 runs on Android 4.4 KitKat powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2.3GHz quad core processor and has 2GB of RAM, in either 16GB or 32GB of […]

FireChat: A Magical App to Chat With No Wi-Fi or Data Connection

FireChat App for iOS

FireChat, a magical app for iOS devices that lets you chat with others when there is no Wi-Fi or Data connection. It does sound too crazy to believe right?  Check out Wired Magazine has a piece on FireChat and its potential. FireChat uses a new Apple technology that is available in iOS devices running iOS […]