Best Buy is Offering $50 Discount on iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 for Two Days

Best Buy Offers $50 Discount on iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S

Best Buy is offering $50 discount on iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S just for today and tomorrow Martin Luther Kind Day. With the $50 discount, now 16GB iPhone 5 costs $149.99 32GB iPhone 5 costs $249.99 16GB iPhone 4s costs $49.99 To find the two-day special deal on iPhone, go here and click at “Mobile phones” and […]

Sprint Offers $50 Discount on iPhone 4S and Sells iPhone 4S for $149

Sprint Sells Phone4S for $149

If you are in any doubt, this is a sure sign of the launch of the next new iPhone (iPhone 5?). Sprint slashed the iPhone 4S price by $50 and selling it for $149 with a new two year contract. AT&T and Verizon are selling iPhone 4S starting from $199. Sprint is offering $50 iPhone […]