Five Cool Gmail Tips for Power Gmail Users


Google is constantly improving Gmail and adding lots of features to make our lives easier. Actually, the pace at which Google comes up with new features is so fast that one often just does not bother to learn new Gmail features. Are you suffering from email overload and having trouble managing your hundreds of emails […]

Gmail for Android Gets Priority Inbox


Google announced that it has improved Gmail for Android by adding Priority Inbox. Gmail’s Priority Inbox is Google’s approach to reduce the email overload that almost every user faces these days. In just a couple of months more users have embraced to Priority Inbox as it saves a lots of time. Google said it found […]

Gmail Throws Lifeline with Priority Inbox


The days of being happy at seeing an unread email when you open your inbox are over long time back. Now, with the flood of emails coming 24/7, perennially our inbox is filled with thousands of unread emails. Do you suffer from this email overload and wince at looking at your inbox? Don’t worry, help […]