Best Buy is Offering $50 Discount on iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 for Two Days

Best Buy Offers $50 Discount on iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S

Best Buy is offering $50 discount on iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S just for today and tomorrow Martin Luther Kind Day. With the $50 discount, now 16GB iPhone 5 costs $149.99 32GB iPhone 5 costs $249.99 16GB iPhone 4s costs $49.99 To find the two-day special deal on iPhone, go here and click at “Mobile phones” and […]

Apple Sells More Than 5 Million iPhone 5 in Three Days

Apple Sells More Than 5 Million iPhone 5 in Three Days

Apple announced it sold more than 5 million iPhone 5 during the first weekend of its launched. Apple launched its new iPhone 5 on September 21, Friday and within the first three days Apple sold a record breaking 5 million iPhone 5s. Apple also launched its lates mobile operating system iOS 6 and more than […]

Apple Launches New iPhone 5, A Thinner, Lighter, and Taller iPhone

Apple Unveils New iPhone 5

It is almost here. The wait is over. Apple launched its next generation iPhone, iPhone 5, at a special fall event in San Francisco. The new iPhone 5 is a completely redesigned, unlike iPhone 4S, and is thinner, lighter (as everyone expected). In addition, the new iPhone is also slightly taller. Apple claims that iPhone […]

Apple to Unveil New iPhone and iPad Mini at Two Events: AllThingsD Report


AllThingsD reports that its sources confirms that Apple will be holding two events, instead of a single event as rumored to unveil the new iPhone and new iPad Mini. Till recently rumor in the tech circles is that Apple will be holding special Fall event on September 12 to unveil next generation iPhone and new […]

Apple Sells 35 Million iPhones, 11.8 Million iPads and Apple’s Net Profit Increases 94%


Apple announced the financial results for the 2012 second quarter and posted 94% increase in its net profit compared to the year ago quarter in 2011. Just like other quarters the increase in net profit was driven by the growth in iPhone and iPad sale. Apple announced that it sold 35.1 million iPhones in the […]

AT&T to Unlock iPhones After Contract

AT&T to Unlock Off-Contract iPhones

Google news for you, If you have an iPhone from AT&T and your contract has expired or about to expire. Engadget reports that AT&T will be unlocking the iPhones that finished the two year contract terms in good standing starting from Sunday April 8. Yes after unlocking you can use any carrier/SIM if you want. […]

Apple Grabs the Top Three Spots in Top 5 Smartphones in US: NPD Reports

Not so surprisingly, Apple’s iPhone 4S grabbed the top spot in the best-selling mobile phone handsets in 4th quarter in US in a report by NPD group.  The second spot was held by Apple iPhone 4.  surprisingly Apple’s iPhone 3GS , the phone Apple launched years ago, took the third spot. In the 4th quarter, the […]

Apple Posts Record Profit With Sales of 37M iPhones, 15.4M iPads, and 5.2M macs


Apple announced that it posted a record revenue/profit in its 2012 first quarter financial results. In the Apple’s quarter without Steve Jobs, thanks to its awesome line of products and the holiday season, Apple did extremely well. Apple’s iPhone, iPad and Mac drove Apple’s growth this quarter. Apple sold a whopping 37.04 million iPhones in […]

Five Years Ago Our “Smart” Lives Changed With the Reinvention of the Phone. Happy Anniversary iPhone

We came to know of it exactly five years ago. Hate it or love it. Now we can not part our ways with it. As of today Jan 9, it has been five years since we knew its existence for sure. After much speculation, Apple introduced iPhone to the world on 9. Jan. 2007 at […]

Google Fails Again; This Time With Google Currents Launch

Google Currents For iPhone Does Not Work At All

Google launched Google Currents with much fanfare, but completely failed to come up with a product that works. Yes, it does not work, just like Gmail app that GOogle released a few weeks back. Google came up with Google Currents to take on Flipboard and Pulse for reading news socially. At least that was Google’s […]