Google Fails Again; This Time With Google Currents Launch

GoogleCurrentsForiPhoneDoesNotWork Google Fails Again; This Time With Google Currents Launch Google launched Google Currents with much fanfare, but completely failed to come up with a product that works. Yes, it does not work, just like Gmail app that GOogle released a few weeks back. Google came up with Google Currents to take on Flipboard and Pulse for reading news socially. At least that was Google’s intention, but it was half baked and is not working from the word go. Google currents is not a failure because it crashes at odd time. But it does not work at all.

Once you install, Google Currents asks you to sign in using a Google ID and offers tips to navigate through the options. And then it asks you to choose what want to read from a number of sources. Thats it, it stops working after that. Whatever your favorite sources that you added is simply not there.

Google Currents Support: In Theory

The worst part is, if you are a good person and wants to let Google know the problem, Google does not seem to want to hear the problem with Google Currents. At Google Currents page on Apple App Store, Google has a link for Google Currents Support and it is broken and comes up with page not available. For sure it makes you wonder how did Apple allow this.

Google probably know abou this non-performance issue of Google Currents, but has not come up with any statement so far.

Google Currents, yet another “me too” product was launched just a few days after Flipboard launched a brilliant app for iPhones. It makes one wonder why all this hurry, when it was kept a secret project for a long time.

News hungry, newtizens, Go Flipboard and Pulse!


  1. Robert Simmons says

    I downloaded Currents after reading the ZDNet announcement. I opened it after reading this article. It immediately crashed my HTC Evo Design 4G. Uninstalling.

  2. Alex says

    Just installed today, set it all up, clicked on an interesting story, took me to a topic page with no reference to the story i clicked on. If I was a user who wasn’t doing this for the sake of product comparison I wouldn’t be coming back.

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