What Music Was On Steve Jobs iPod?

SteveJobsiPodMusicCollection What Music Was On Steve Jobs iPod? You can possibly tell a lot about a person from his music preference. At the peak of iPod, most of us loved to check what’s on your friend’s iPod? How about the guy who made the iPod nation? What was on Steve Jobs What Music Was On Steve Jobs iPod? iPod? Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson got a unique opportunity to look at the music collection of Steve Jobs.

The newly released biography on Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson kind of devotes a large section in a chapter looking at what kind of music was on Steve Jobs’ iPod and iPad. Almost all of Apple fans know that the late Apple CEO and Co-founder Steve Jobs loved music, especially a huge fan of Bob Dylan and Beatles.

Steve Jobs’s Music Collection on his iPod; Dylan, Beatles and Stones

Steve Jobs being a huge fan of Bob Dyland and Beatles, had most of their albums in his Pod. Steve Jobs had all six of Dylan’s bootleg series and fifteen more of Dylans albus starting from his first. One of the notable Dylan’s album that was missing in hs collection was the one that got released the same year Steve was forced of Apple in 1985. seven Beatles albums. The next group/musician who topped in Steve Jobs iPod is Rolling stones. He had six albums from Rolling Stones.

Steve Jobs iPod also had music from other artists, like Aretha, B. B. King, Buddy Holly, Buffalo Springfield, Don McLean, Donovan, the Doors, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, and Johnny Cash, John Mellencamp, and Simon.

 What Music Was On Steve Jobs iPod?  What Music Was On Steve Jobs iPod?

Steve Jobs also had music from contemporary artists; about one fourth of his collections were from people like Alicia Keys, Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay, Dido, Green Day, John Mayer, Moby, U2, Seal, and Talking Heads. On the classical side, the biographer notes that Steve Jobs had recordings of Bach and Yo-Yo Ma. Describing the music collection of Steve Jobs in his iPod, Walter Isaacson said in the biography that

Steve Jobs iPod music selections were those of a kid from the seventies with his heart in the sixties.

Knowing favorite musicians, Walter Isaacson asked Steve Jobs to chose between Beatles and Stones. Steve Jobs answered

If the vault was on fire and I could grab only one set of master tapes, I would grab Beatles.

Steve Jobs went on to add that choosing between Beatles and Stones is easy and

The hard one would be between the Beatles and Dylan. Somebody else could have replicated the Stones. No one could have been Dylan or the Beatles.

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