iPhone 4S Tips,Tricks and FAQs- Part 1

iPhone4SBlkWht iPhone 4S Tips,Tricks and FAQs  Part 1So, You have the iPhone 4S, the latest version of Apple’s iPhone. You are one of the few millions in the world to get hold of the iPhone 4S. You either braved the really long lines or you were wise enough to place the order online at wee hours fighting the server breakdown.

Now is the time to play with your new toy and learn all about it to fully utilize the iPhone 4S to its potential. Here are some frequently asked questions about the new iPhone 4S, and some tips and tricks on iPhone 4S.

How to Enable 3G Connectivity on the new iPhone 4S?

There is a very good chance that after activating your new iPhone 4S, you may not yet be connected to 3G network. Switching off and on the iPhone 4S may not help. Here are a few tips to enable 3G connectivity before trying to call the tech support of your carrier.

  1. Check whether you have data coverage for the exact location you are trying connect to the internet from. For ATT coverage, visit ATT Coverage Viewer. To check Verizon coverage, visit Verizon Coverage Locator. To check Sprint’s network coverage, visit http://coverage.sprint.com/.
  2. Check whether you have the Cellular Data option “ON”. Go to Settings > General > Network and switch on the “Cellular Data” or “3G Data”.
  3. You can also check whether you see “3G” on the left corner of your iPhone 4S’ home screen.
  4. If none of the above seemed to work, try resetting the network settings. On your iPhone 4S, go to Settings > General > Reset ” and  select “Reset Network Settings”.  Your iPhone 4S will reset and re-start in a few minutes and often Voila, you might be able to connect to the internet immediately.

How to Extend iPhone 4S Battery Life?

Apple has great record with providing ample juice to its devices to last for hours. The iPhone 4S can last up to 8 hours of talk time on 3G, 14 hours of talk time on 2G, 6 hours of Internet use on 3G, 9 hours of Internet use on Wi-Fi, 10 hours of video playback, or 40 hours of audio playback on a full charge at original capacity.

As you can see the battery life is pretty solid. However, iPhone 4S is more powerful and packed new features like Siri, iCloud, powerful camera with LED flash, and Photo Stream. And you can easily see that in the above list of battery hours given by Apple, you don’s see the effect of these new features.

For example, for Siri to work iPhone 4S need to be on Wi-Fi network and it needs the back end server at Apple to answer your questions. Photo Stream is an awesome feature that automatically uploads your pictures to your iCloud account when you are connected to Wi-Fi network (and download them in your other iOS devices). You bet these are power hungry monsters.

And yes it is no brainer that using flashes while taking pictures will drink the juice in iPhone 4S battery. So, don’t go over board if you want your iPhone 4S to last bit longer.

In addition, one can save lot of battery power by being vigilant and keep switching off the power hungry features like Wi-Fi, 3G data, Push Notification, Location services, BlueTooth when not in use. To know how to switch off, see

How To Extend Your iPhone’s Storage Space?

And are you feeling bad that you just got 16GB iPhone 4S (8GB iPhone 4)? Dont worry Box.net is giving you 50GB free for life to your iPhone (or any iOS device). Make sure to sign up before December 2. And you can imagine that this space in the cloud is just a beginning.

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