TruConnect MiFi Offers Possibly the Cheapest Data Plan For Your iPad Wi-Fi

TruConnectLogo TruConnect MiFi Offers Possibly the Cheapest Data Plan For Your iPad Wi FiTruConnect, a mobile data service company that offers simple and economical data plans has come with a data plan that will make the iPad Wi-Fi owners (and other Wi-Fi tablet Laptop owners as well). Everyone loves the idea of having the ability to go online on the move, but not many are keen on getting into a contract and pay every month irrespective of their usage/non-usage. TruConnect is offering a solution exactly for this.

For iPad Wi-Fi and other Wi-Fi tablet owners, TruConnet has a Mobile Mi-Fi device for $89 and a simple data plan with no contract and pay for what you use for small price.  The TruConnect MI-Fi costs $4.99 per month plus 3.9 cents per 1MB of data usage.  The major highlight of the simple plan is there is “No monthly contracts, no expiration dates, no activation fees, no bundles”.

TruConnectMiFiDevice 300x173 TruConnect MiFi Offers Possibly the Cheapest Data Plan For Your iPad Wi FiFor a typical 250MB data usage, the TruConnect costs is just shy of $15. ($4.99 + $9.75).  The Mi-Fi device is powered by Sprint 3G network and can support 5 Wi-Fi devices. It looks like a MI-Fi is a great companion for occasional users.  For laptop users, TruConnect offers a $68 TruConnect USB device and the simple pay as you go data plan.

Announcing the simple data plan for iPad Wi-Fi and other tablets/laptops, Kevin Hamilton, president and CEO of TruConnect said

The world is thinking differently about mobile data services which means users are asking for more control over their data plans, instead of being forced into high-priced, contract-based plans. The nationwide Sprint network allows us to ensure delivery of our services no matter where our customers go and we’re pleased to be partnering with such an industry leader.

Bill Esrey Jr., Vice President, Sprint Wholesale Solutions said

We’ve had more than 10 years’ experience with our wireless wholesale services and are looking forward to leveraging that with a new generation of MVNOs. TruConnect’s services will certainly be of interest to business users and anyone looking for flexible mobile data and we’re pleased to have the company join our network

TruConnect mobile broadband service from TruConnect Mobile on Vimeo.


  1. Maljay says

    Really? So I can now download and watch a movie on my ipad for the low price of $4.99 plus an additional $39. on top of the $20 for the movie from itunes. Ridiculous.

  2. says

    TruConnect is designed for the casual or occasional mobile broadband user. It is not intended to be the primary Internet connection. Our users are almost always on a home of office, but sometimes are on vacation or business trip or away from their networks and need a secure network to connect to. TruConnect provides this service contract-free so if you don’t need it every month you don’t pay an arm and a leg like you would with a contract.

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