It’s Commencement Time for the Tech BigWigs

It is commencement time for the tech bigwigs. It is time to reflect their lives and offer some advice to the young graduates at different schools. Google’s Marissa Mayer delivered commencement speech at Harvey Mudd College, Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley delivered commencement speech at Syracuse University and Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak addressed Michigan State University students. Also Twitter Cofounder Biz Stone spoke at Babson College Commencement Ceremony on May 14.


Google’s Marissa Mayer Delivers Keynote Address at Harvey Mudd College’s Commencement

Marissa Mayer, Google’s first female engineer delivered the keynote address on May 15 during Harvey Mudd College’s 53rd Commencement ceremony. Marissa Mayer advised the graduating students on the importance of being “open to change”.

Reflecting back on how she was open to change, Marissa Mayer said, before she went to Stanford, she was all set to major in chemistry and biology and go on to become a doctor. She recounted that, however, an Introductory Computer Science course kind of changed her plans and ended with Masters in Artificial Intelligence and a job at Google. Watch the full commencement below at the YouTube Video (Marissa Mayer’s keynote begins around minute 40).

Foursquare’s Co-founder Dennis Crowley Addresses Syracuse University iSchool Commencement

Foursquare’s Co-founder and CEO Dennis Crowley was the guest speaker Syracuse University’s iSchool Convocation ceremony. Addressing the graduating students of School of Information Sciences, Dennis Crowley explained how following his passion led to where is now.

Denis Crowley reflected back on his undergraduate days, Dodge Ball days, Google Days, and his struggles over the time. He said he learned to program on his own after graduating from Syracuse out of his passion. He openly confessed that he could not take computer science courses at Syracuse because he was bad at Maths. Later on, he learned on his own in his spare time to develop Dodge Ball. That helped him to yearn $100,000 during the dot com boom. He also recounted how he was frustrated at Google for not being able to make Dodge Ball worked. He also mentioned how he was depressed after quitting Google at frustration. Then he went back to tinker with what he was passionate about and that became the Foursquare. Watch the full convocation address of Dennis Crowley here.

Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak Addressed Michigan State University

Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak gave keynote address at Michigan State University’s Undergraduate Convocation on Friday, May 6. Steve Wozniak also received an honorary doctorate degree in engineering. Here is the video of MSU’s commencement and Steve Wozinak’s advice to students.

Watch the full episode. See more MSU Commencements.

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