Google’s Mobile Movement Report By Numbers

GoogleMobileMovement 300x171 Googles Mobile Movement Report By NumbersGoogle trying to understand the behavior of smartphone customers conducted a independent research study on over 5000 US adults who browse using smartphone. Google specially wanted to know how do people use smartphones, multi-task using the smartphone, what do they search, how do they use it make decision on buying products and how do they respond to mobile ads. Google has made available the summary, a short video, and a detailed report for general public on the “Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users” study.

Here is the Google’s Mobile Movement by numbers.

  • 89% users use their smartphones throughout the day
  • 93% use it at home
  • 87% use it on the go
  • 72% use it at work
  • 77% of smartphone users use it in store
  • 79% of smartphone users rely on smartphone to help with shopping
  • 27% of smartphone shoppers purchased via mobile websites
  • 22% of smartphone shoppers purchased via App
  • $300: Amount spent using smartphone shopping last year
  • 22% use it in school
  • 39% used their smartphone while using the bathroom
  • 8% used it while taking a shower/bath
  • 20% used their smartphone while driving
  • 81% browsed the net in the past week
  • 77% used a search engine in the past week
  • 90% of searchers have taken action as a result of smartphone search
  • 50% of searchers make a purchase
  • 48% watched videos in the past week
  • 95% of smartphone users looked for local information
  • 77% of local information seekers contacted businesses
  • 44% of local information seekers made a purchase
  • 88% of local information seekers took the action within a day
  • 36% are willing to give up chocolates for a smartphone
  • 20% are willing to give up cable TV for a smartphone
  • 43% are willing to give up Beer for a smartphone

Download the Google Mobile Movement report from here
GoogleMobileMovementInfographic Googles Mobile Movement Report By Numbers

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