Five Cool Gmail Tips for Power Gmail Users

gmaillogo Five Cool Gmail Tips for Power Gmail UsersGoogle is constantly improving Gmail and adding lots of features to make our lives easier. Actually, the pace at which Google comes up with new features is so fast that one often just does not bother to learn new Gmail features. Are you suffering from email overload and having trouble managing your hundreds of emails daily? Here are five cool Gmail tips for power Gmail users.


Use Priority Inbox

Enable Priority Inbox option and prioritize your emails based on what is relevant and important. With Priority Inbox, Google automatically decide which email are important and which email can wait. Gmail uses a number of signals to automate prioritizing your email messages, including who you’ve emailed and chatted with most and what types of keywords appear in the messages you opened recently. To see Priority Inbox

  • Go to Gmail settings and select the Priority Inbox tab
  • Click Show Priority Inbox
  • Click Save

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are dealing with lots of messages, why waste time by clicking using mouse for every thing you do in Gmail. The best way to save time is to enable Keyboard shortcuts and start using them. Gmail has a long list of powerful keyboard shortcuts, so start using a few shortcuts and keep adding more to your Gmail armour as you get comfortable with what you know. Press the key “?” from Gmail inbox and enable Keyboard shortcuts and it will also show the list of keyboard shortcuts that you can use with Gmail.  Here are some simple, but useful Keyboard shortcuts for Gmail.

  • To compose a new message, press “c”
  • To compose a message in a new window, press “Shift + c”
  • To go to search box in your inbox, press /
  • To go to next message, press n
  • To go to previous message, press n
  • To mark the mail as important (for Priority Inbox), press +
  • To mark the mail as important (for Priority Inbox), press –
  • To report a mail as spam and remove, press !


Send your Gmail in Background

Gmail labs has a number of great functionalities that will help you save time dealing with your emails. Typically, as wen send an email, we need to wait for a short time after we press “Send” button for Gmail to send the email. If you send a lot of email, you might end up wasting google amount of time waiting. Gmail has a nice lab feature called “Background send” that helps you send your Gmail in the background and you can move on to do other things that matter to you. Google warns that “Just be sure to stay logged in until it’s all sent!”.

To get started using “background Send” Go to Gmail Setting -> Labs and enable “Background Send”.


GmailBackgroundSending Five Cool Gmail Tips for Power Gmail Users


Multiple Sign-in

If you are a power user, chances are that you have multiple Gmail accounts. Instead of opening multiple browsers to use multiple accounts, you can sign in to your multiple Gmail accounts from the same browser. To enable multiple sign-in feature for your Gmail account, visit the multiple sign-in settings page and make sure you have signed in to your account. Select “On” to enable the multiple sign-in feature and make sure you understand the conditions as well.

Once multiple accounts enabled, you can switch back and forth between the accounts by clicking your gmail address at the top right and choosing “Switch Account”. Remember, not all Google products enable multiple sign-in. Read more about multiple user sign-in from here.

Delegate Your Email Responsibility to Others

GmailDelegate Five Cool Gmail Tips for Power Gmail UsersToo many mails to handle for you? Gmail allows you to have an assistant and delegate your Gmail access to your assistant/spouse/anyone. They can read, send, and delete mails for you. However, you can not give permission to change your password or settings or chat behalf of you. You can delegate to not just one person, Gmail allows up to 10 users. To enable delegate your gmail to others,

  • Click the gear icon in the upper-right and select Gmail settings
  • Select the Accounts and Import tab.
  • Find  ‘Grant access to your account’ and click the Add another account link.
  • Type in the email address of the person whom you would like to delegate. It has to be another Gmail account.
  • Confirm the message and Click Send email to grant access.
  • The person whom you want to delegate will receive a verification email regarding your action
  • Once the delegate confirms your request, the verification process may take up to 30 minutes to be completed. You cal also check the status at your Accounts and Import tab in Settings


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