2011 Google I/O Highlights; Watch the Two Keynotes Now

FatAndroidEatingApple 2011 Google I/O Highlights; Watch the Two Keynotes NowGoogle developers conference 2011 Google I/O is over. At the conference, Google mainly focused on Android and Chrome. Just like last year, Google I/O this year turned out to be a huge success.

However, unlike last year Google did not really pounce on Apple. ¬†Although, Google’s Vic Gundotra could not stop himself taking a dig at Apple, by showing a picture of a fat Android eating Apple, to highlight the success of 2010 Google I/O.

2011 Google Keynote: Day 1

Google announced that nearly 1 million Google enthusiasts followed the Google I/O event from 161 countries. The first day 2011 Google I/O keynote focused on Android and announced

Watch the complete video of the first Google I/O keynote by Hugo here.

2011 Google Keynote: Day 2

The second day 2011 Google I/O focused on Chrome and Sundar Pichai announced announced the success of Chrome browser and said the number active Chrome users grew from 70 million to 160 million in a year. Sundar Pichai went on to announce two new Chromebooks, notebooks based on Chrome OS for individuals, businesses, and schools. Watch the full keynote here.

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