Apple iPad 2 Tips and Tricks – Part 1

iPad2MultiColor 300x241 Apple iPad 2 Tips and Tricks   Part 1Now that you have the much desired iPad 2 in your hands, it is time to put to use. Here are some cool tips and tricks to fully begin to utilize the iPad 2.  Learning these tips and tricks is only a beginning as the apps designed for iPad, add a totally a new dimension to put to fully utilize your iPad 2.

How to Group Your Apps in iPad 2?

Do you have lots apps scattered around your home screen? Do you want to organize them nicely?. Apple’s iOS 4 in your iPad 2 offers folders to organize your apps. To group apps or put them in a folder, keep pressing on an app that you want to group with another.

If you press long enough, the apps in the screen will start to wiggle and you can drag an app and over lay it over another app, your iPad will automatically create a folder and put these two apps in that folder. In addition, your iPad will automatically come up with a name for the folder based on the apps in them.


How to Add Apps to your Dock on iPad 2?

The Dock at your iPad home screen is a very useful place to keep the most frequently used apps. If you have page loads of apps and only use a few apps frequently, adding them to the dock will save lots of your time.

First of all if you are wondering where is the dock, it is at the bottom of your home screen and looks like the image below.
iPAd2Dock Apple iPad 2 Tips and Tricks   Part 1

Apple typically ships iPad 2 with four apps, Safari, Mail, Photos, and iPod, in the dock. You can add any app that you like to the dock. If you want to add your most frequently used app “The Weather Channel” app to dock, just keep pressing any app in your screen, all of your apps will start to wiggle. Then choose the “the Weather Channel App” by touching it and pull it over the dock. Voila.. your new dock will look like
AddAppToiPadDock Apple iPad 2 Tips and Tricks   Part 1

Once you have placed it on the doc, press home button, the apps will stop wiggling. You can add up to 6 apps on the Dock. You can also group apps in to a folder and add the folder to the Dock. By adding folder to the dock, you can have access to a large number of apps at your finger tip in a jiffy. If you are wondering how many apps one can order in the folder in your iPad. The latest iOS allows up to 20 apps in a folder. A folder can only contain apps, not other folders.

addFolderToiPadDock Apple iPad 2 Tips and Tricks   Part 1


How to Take Screen Shot of Your iPad Screen?

iPad2HomeButton Apple iPad 2 Tips and Tricks   Part 1iPad 2 creates high quality screen shot with the press of two buttons. Press the Sleep/Wake buttonon the top side of your iPad 2 and the home button on the front side of iPad 2 simultaneouly and the currect screen will be savef as a PNG file. You can easily access the screen shot through Photos.

iPad2SleepWakeButton1 Apple iPad 2 Tips and Tricks   Part 1


  1. Stan says

    I can set up a folder on one screen but how do I take apps from another screen and move them to the screen where I have established a new. Folder? Apps from 1screen can’t be moved to another screen.


  2. buzzintech says

    To move an app from one home screen to the next, make all the apps wiggle by touching and holding an app. Then choose an app that you want to move and drag the app to the edge of home screen. Keep holding the app for couple of seconds at the edge, your app will move to the new home screen. Needless to say, to move an app to your previous home screen, drag it to the left side of screen and to move it to the next home screen drag it to the right edge.

  3. Kim says

    Is there a way to take a shot from a video you recorderd on the ipad2 and make it an actual picture?

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