Google Acquires Zynamics, a Software Analytic Company

zynamicslogo 300x102 Google Acquires Zynamics, a Software Analytic CompanyGoogle is acquiring a Zynamics, a Germany based software analytic company. Zynamics was founded in 2004 by Halvar Flake. Zynamics offers software analysis tools for reverse engineering community in security analysis and has BinDiffBinNaviVxClassBinCrowd, and PDF Dissector for malware and security analysis. Zynamics, in its website says that its goal is to create innovative methods for improving the productivity of the software analyst.

Announcing the Google’s acquisition, Zynamics said in its blog that

We’re pleased to announce that zynamics has been acquired by Google! If you’re an existing customer and do not receive our email announcement within the next 48 hours, please contact us at All press inquiries should be sent to

Zynamics is the third company Google has acquired in 2011. Earlier, in January Google acquired fflick and eBook Technologies. Google confirmed the acquisition of Zynamics to the tech blog TechCrunch and said

We’re delighted to have the zynamics team aboard and hope their tools and skills in fighting malware will help us better protect Google’s users…The zynamics team will continue to develop innovative ways of applying their software analysis tools to protect users from malicious software. Their goals overlap with the commitment that Google has already made to ensure online security for our users.

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