Google Updates on Gmail Trouble

gmail Google Updates on Gmail TroubleGoogle acknowledged the loss of thousands of users email account and promised that Gmail will be back soon for everyone. Google said about 0.02% (thats about 40,000 users) of Gmail users found that their account is empty when they login to their Gmail account over the weekend. Updating the status of Gmail trouble, Google said in its blog that all the users who found their inbox empty are safe and Google has a copy of it. Google has restored accounts for some people, but for some it is taking longer than expected.

If you are wondering, why is it taking this long if Google has a copy of everything in multiple data centers, Google explains that

in some rare instances software bugs can affect several copies of the data. That’s what happened here. Some copies of mail were deleted, and we’ve been hard at work over the last 30 hours getting it back for the people affected by this issue.

To protect your information from these unusual bugs, we also back it up to tape. Since the tapes are offline, they’re protected from such software bugs. But restoring data from them also takes longer than transferring your requests to another data center, which is why it’s taken us hours to get the email back instead of milliseconds.

Google said it also the know the cause of the problem. A storage software update introduced the bug feeling 0.02% Gmail users’ account and Google immediately stopped the update once it discovered the problem and changed it back to the old version,

Apologizing to Gmail users Google said affected users would not have received email to their accounts between 6:00 PM PST on February 27 and 2:00 PM PST on February 28. It also added that it will post a detailed report on what happened to the Apps Status Dashboard.

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