T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab to Cost $399 with Contract

samsunggalaxytab1 300x219 T Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab to Cost $399 with ContractEarlier in September, Samsung¬†announced that the all four major carriers in US, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon will get Samsung Galaxy Tab and the pricing will be decided by the carriers. The World’s first 3G Android tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab, pricing with T-Mobile is available now. No surprise here, it is the same as with Sprint‘s leaked price.

The Unofficial T-Mobile blog (TmoNews) revealed a leaked flyer that says that Samsung Galaxy Tab will cost $399 with two year contract and $649 with no contract. Samsung Galaxy will have Samsung’s HSPA broadband connectivity.

TMOnewsSamsungTab T Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab to Cost $399 with Contract

Wanting a share of iPad lovers T-Mobile also has flyer comparing the specs of Samsung Galaxy Tab with that of Apple iPad. Here is a quick comparison of Samsung Galaxy Tab with iPad.

  • Display Size: iPad 9 inches compared to Galaxy Tab’s 7 inches
  • Camera: No camera in iPad, while Galaxy Tab has 1.3 MP front and 3.2 MP rear facing cameras.
  • Weight: iPad weighs 1.6 lbs, while Galaxy Tab weighs just 0.82 lbs
  • Storage: iPad comes with fixed memory (16GB, 32GB, and 64 GB), while Galaxy Tab has 16GB + Micro SD card slot
  • Flash: does not work in iPad, and it works in Galaxy Tab
  • Price: iPad costs $629 with no strings attached, while Galaxy Tab costs $649 with no contract

One interesting piece that is missing in the comparison of T-Mobile flyer is battery life of Galaxy Tab with that of iPad. iPad has a phenomenal 9 hrs battery life. Is the batter life of Galaxy Tab no where near iPad’s?

Anyway, Which one would you likely to buy?

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