Gmail Makes Conversation View Optional

gmail Gmail Makes Conversation View OptionalGoogle announced that Gmail users now have the option to choose the conversation view or message threading in Gmail. Conversation view groups all replies to a message and creates a single conversation or thread. Such a thread, located in one place, makes it easier to follow the conversation over time.

However, not all Gmail users like the conversation view as sometimes one can miss a new message in conversation view. They prefer to have their messages as separate in their inbox. Till now, one can not turn off the conversation view if they dont like it.

threaded Gmail Makes Conversation View Optional
In its blog, Gmail comparing Cilantro lovers and haters with Conversation view lovers and haters, announced that one can turn off the conversation view if they don’t like it. After turning it off the email messages will appear as individual messages in the inbox.

How To Switch Off Conversation View/Thread in Gmail?

  • Go to the main Gmail Settings page located at the top right corner
  • Find  “Conversation View” section
  • Select the option to turn it off, and save changes.


  1. Mike says

    It seem to turn off conversation view in the desktop or laptop gmail. however it doe’s not seem to turn if off on HTC EVO4G. How can I turn it off for the HTC EVO gmail app.

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