Foursquare Chief Thinks Facebook Places is Boring

facebookplaces1 300x173 Foursquare Chief Thinks Facebook Places is BoringIf you thought Facebook’s new service Facebook Places is boring and not interesting, you are not alone. Even Dennis Crowley, co-founder of Foursquare that offers similar features, thinks so.

In an interview to The Telegraph UK, Dennis Crowley said Facebook places is “not that great or interesting”. He thought it is pretty boring service given that there are no incentives to share one’s location. In contrast to Facebook, Foursquare takes a gaming approach by giving incentives like “Mayor” crown to the top visitors. He added that the only good thing about Places is Facebook’s 500 million people and the future of location-based services.

Facebook places is Facebook’s new location based service that lets users share their locations to their friends. This is very similar to Foursquare’s idea of check-in. Facebook Places is not only similar to Foursquare in its functionality, even its logo seems to mention Foursquare with a four on a square.

It will be interesting see what Facebook had to say on this comment.

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