YouTube Announces “Life in a Day” Experiment

youtube logo YouTube Announces Life in a Day ExperimentYouTube wants you to share a part of your life in a day as a video. YouTube announced a project called “Life in a Day”, a grand Google scale video experiment on people’s lives by people. In its blog YouTube said

Every day, 6.7 billion people view the world through their own unique lens. Imagine if there was a way to collect all of these perspectives, to aggregate and mold them into the cohesive story of a single day on earth.

Film Your Day on July 24

However, not just any day. YouTube has set July 24 for this experiment. All you need to do is on July 24, take a snapshot of your life, bet it mundane or interesting. YouTube says

You can film the ordinary — a sunrise, the commute to work, a neighborhood soccer match, or the extraordinary — a baby’s first steps, your reaction to the passing of a loved one, or even a marriage.

Once you have recorder your life in a day, upload the videos here at between July 24 to July 31. Kevin Macdonald, the Oscar-winning director will edit the best ones to make into a documentary that will be produced by Ridley Scott, another Hollywood director famous for movies like Gladiator.

And the film with your footage (if selected) will be premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and you will be credited as a co-director. If lucky, you may even get to attend the premiere. Share your life in a day here.

A Moment in Time by NY TImes

Life in Day is similar to what NY Times had for photos as “A Moment in Time” on May 2, but on a Google-scale and Google perks. Check out here to learn more about “A Moment in Time”.

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