Verizon to Get iPhone in January: Bloomberg Reports

iPhone4 300x228 Verizon to Get iPhone in January: Bloomberg ReportsThe rumor that Verizon getting iPhone deal with Apple surfaces again. Every time the rumor comes up, it looks more real.  Today, Bloomberg is running a report that Verizon will start selling iPhone starting January 2011, citing two unnamed sources.  Both Verizon and Apple declined to comment on the rumor to Bloomberg.

Since the introduction of iPhone in 2007, Apple has been selling iPhone with exclusive AT&T contract in US.  If the rumor is true, the availability of iPhone on Verizon network will end AT&T’s exclusive hold on iPhone.  This will be a huge boost Verizon and Apple, as it will bring iPhones in the hands of millions of Verizon customers. In a way, this will help Apple in stemming the growth Android. The number of devices running on Android (160,000 android devices per day) is growing at a pace that is even surprising to Google. Verizon has been actively introducing smartphones running on Google’s Android.

The timing of  iPhone on Verizon in January is interesting. This will give enough time for AT&T to get the leverage from iPhone exclusivity. Also by January,  it will be a year since Apple announced iPad.  Can we expect iPad 2.0 with Verizon?

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