HTC EVO 4G Tips and FAQs

How To connect HTC EVO to Wi-Fi Internet?

htcevos HTC EVO 4G Tips and FAQsTo connect to a Wi-Fi source using HTC EVO,

  • Go to Home screen
  • Tap Menu > Settings > Wireless & networks
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi by selecting the Wi-Fi check box
  • Tap Wi-Fi settings
  • Choose a Wi-Fi network by tapping on it

You are all set to use the Wi-Fi internet.

How to Uninstall Applications in HTC EVO 4G?

It is straightforward to uninstall any application that you have downloaded to your HTC EVO.

  • Go To My Downloads
  • Tap the app that you want to uninstall
  • Tap Uninstall and Confirm to uninstall at the the prompt

How To Set Up a VPN Connection on HTC EVO?

To setup a VPN on HTC EVO

  • Press Menu on the Home screen
  • Tap Settings > Wireless & networks > VPN settings > Add VPN
  • Select the VPN and provide the VPN Settings.
  • After finishing the settings Press Menu > Save

How To Reset HTC EVO?

The factory reset (a hard reset) operation removes all information (contacts, apps, and messages) on HTC EVO and  make it like it is new.  You will  have to install apps and import contacts after the factory reset.   To do factory reset

  • Go to Home Screen
  • Tap Menu > Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset.
  • HTC EVO will prompt you to makes sure you really want to perform factory rest. Go through the prompts to complete the factory reset.

The factory reset process will take 5–10 minutes to finish.

What External Memory Card Does HTC EVO Support?

HTC EVO has a MicroSD Memory Card Slot that can support microSD memory card of size up to 32GB. The Sprint HTC EVO includes 8GB microSD card.

How To Use HTC EVO’s Memory Card As a USB Drive?

To use HTC EVO’s storage card as USB drive, connect HTC EVO to the computer using the USB cable. Choose Disk drive mode when prompted.

How to Switch Between the Multiple Programs that I am Running?

HTC allows  multitasking, that means one can run multiple programs.  To switch to a different program that is running in the background, Press and hold the Home button.
It will show the programs that are running currently. Remember that running multiple programs may drain the battery fast.


  1. Rick MacLean says

    How do you delete multiple e-mails at the same time on the EVO.? I have a list of e-mails and want to delete a number of them but can’t figure out how to do it other than deleting each one individually which is a time consuming process

  2. Christopher Armstrong says

    How do you delete an app that doesn’t appear on the list of dowloads, even though it is something I downloaded?

  3. anastasia ignatova says

    Christopher Armstrong
    get an app thats called Uninstaller Pro from the market. its really easy and i just used it to clean up my evo

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