How To Choose The Right Data Plan For Your Smartphone/iPad?

AT&T has completely changed the data plans available for smartphones (and iPad) with the bigger aim to attract more people in US to mobile internet experience. The new data plans are kind to light web users, while it punishes the heavy internet users. There are no unlimited plans now and users have to pay for what they use. Similarly, with the international launch of iPad, there are number of data plans (almost all are “unlimited” with fair usage clause) have mushroomed across the world to suit the needs of iPad users.

Learn Data Usage

In the era free unlimited internet at home, users hardly know how much data they use. Now, with the increase in mobile internet use and the fact that the data plans are limited, it is high time pay attention to data needs and data usage. Having the knowledge of what you can do with 200MB/2GB data is very helpful in deciding the right data plan for you. It definitely helps to know how much data you need for a simple tasks you do on a day to day basis and what you can do with a given data plan.

Know Your Data Needs

Data needs of each of us is different and often unique. One may use the mobile internet just for browsing the web, or the one may use only or audio/video streaming, or one may use only on social networks.  Therefore, a fixed data usage chart is often cumbersome or even useless for most of us. Although it is straight forward to estimate how much data you use for a variety of these activities, till now there is no prominent easy to use tool on the web.

AT&T Data Calculator

Finally, AT&T has made this process of data usage estimation easier with a new web-based data calculator ( One can use data calculator and estimate data usage based on how many emails, how many websites, how much audio/video streaming, and other activities one typically does per day or per month. users can specify their needs and estimate their data usage. Just play with various options to find out a suitable data plan for you. Here are two examples of what you can do with 2GB and 250MB.

What Can You Do with 5GB of Data?

att datacalculator5GB How To Choose The Right Data Plan For Your Smartphone/iPad?

What Can You Do with 250MB of Data?

att datacalculator200MB How To Choose The Right Data Plan For Your Smartphone/iPad?

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