Google Throws Punches at Apple @ Google IO

Google IO’s second day’s conference started with a keynote address from Google’s Vice President of Engineering, Vic Gundotra.  The keynote was all about the cool new Android 2.2 (Froyo) and the digs at Apple. Google threw punches at Apple at every opportunity and did not leave anything to our imagination. Here is a look at the instances of Google’s punches against Apple.

1984 300x233 Google Throws Punches at Apple @ Google IO

Not the Future We Want

Vic Gundotra started off the keynote by telling a story that stresses the need for a open mobile operating system and warned that if Google did not do it, the future is bleak; a Draconian future. Showing a  the picture with reference to 1984 and title “Not the Future We Want” and said

One man, one company, one device, one carrier would be our only choice. That’s a future we do not want.

Google did not want to leave us to guess who that “one” is by showing a reference to the revolutionary Apple campaign against IBM in 1984. Vic Gundotra went on say that if you believe in openness and innovation Android is the only option.

Growth of Mobile Search

GooglesDigAtApple2 300x186 Google Throws Punches at Apple @ Google IO

Vic Gundotra directly confronted Steve Job’s statement on people using search on smartphone. At Mac OS X developer meeting earlier this year, Steve Job claimed that smartphone users spend their time on Apps and not searching the web.  Vic indirectly attacked Jobs and said
There are some who say that users don’t use Google search on smartphones. We are a company driven by data, not by opinions.
He claimed that the from 2008 to 2010, data shows that there is a 5X growth in using Google from all smartphones.

A New Cloud to Device API in Android

GooglesDigsAtApple3 300x177 Google Throws Punches at Apple @ Google IOIntroducing a new API for Cloud-to-Device communication for Android, Vic Gundotra threw more punches at Apple’s push notification scheme iPhone OS 3.  Vic Gundotra called push notification API is “designed to compensate for the basic functionality like multitasking in operating system”.

Android Can Tether

GooglesDigsAtApple4 300x233 Google Throws Punches at Apple @ Google IOVic Gundotra’s next dig at Apple was its inability to tether. Introducing tethering for Android, with the huge applause of the audience, said using many devices should not mean “yet another bill”. One should be able to tether and your device should become a hot-spot supporting other devices. As if this jab was not enough, Vic Gundotra went on to demo how one can tether to another device which does not connectivity like iPad and asked “One Bill. Isn’t that beautiful?”.

Android Browser Beats iPad Browser

GooglesDigsAtApple5 300x167 Google Throws Punches at Apple @ Google IOShowing off how fast the browser is in the new Android Froyo, Vic Gundotra ran a demo running SunSpider test and compared it with the same smartphone, but running on Eclair.  Even though the question was about mobile browser speed, Google did not bother comparing the speed with iPhone, but went one step higher and compared it with iPad. iPad lost the race, even after he gave little lead to iPad.  Also took a dig at the Apple’s control at App store by wondering whether this App would be available at the App store. Then mocked that Apple can not do anything by saying “Oh. It is a Web App.”

Google Loves Adobe

GooglesDigsAtApple6 300x214 Google Throws Punches at Apple @ Google IO Announcing Google’s support for Flash and Adobe, Vic Gundotra said as if he is whispering to Steve Jobs “It turns out that on the Internet people use Flash”.   Google is committed to build the most comprehensive browser not just the fastest browser and would support Flash. Vic Gundotra attacked at Steve Jobs’ idea of being openness by saying “the part of  being is open means you are inclusive, rather than exclusive”.  He went on to show how his kid wanted to use the Android device not iPad, as she could not view her favorite website Nickelodeon running on Flash.

Apps/Songs Over the Air

GooglesDigsAtApple7 300x130 Google Throws Punches at Apple @ Google IOWith the new Android one can download an app from the Android Market over the web and it will automatically be on your Android devices as well. Not only Apps, one can download Music as well over the air (gTunes?). Vic Gundotra explained how difficult to buy Apps today with other systems, hitting Apple’s way of getting Apps.

“You find the app, download it to your PC or Mac. You then have to tether your device. Once it is on PC, you have to then convert it over that tethering to your device then make that sync happen. Well, guess what. We discovered something really cool. It’s called the Internet.”

With that one can install apps over the air to Android device.

Google is Not New at Ads Game

GooglesDigsAtApple8 300x250 Google Throws Punches at Apple @ Google IOHitting at Apple’s plan to get into mobile advertising via the yet to be released iAd platform, Vic Gundotra explained how Google knows a little bit about advertising. With 10 years of experience in Ad business Google understands the needs of advertisers and has the best tools for serving ads and measuring the success of ads. Above all it is open to innovation. Vic Gundotra mocked at Apple’s iAd platform’s closedness by saying

“to have healthy ecosystem of advertising, you need advertisers. We have hundreds of thousands of advertisers. We are not new at this game. We are not working with a handful of partners and charging them a million dollars each to be part of our program.”


  1. Lava says

    How does anything Vic said make any sense?

    1) Google acquired Android in 2005 – 2 years before the iPhone was unveiled at Macworld. So Google knew in 2005 that it was going to prevent a world dominated by iPhone?

    2) WTF is he talking about tethering? Most people buy apps and download them directly to their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad – OVER THE AIR. What the hell is he talking about? Can he be so misinformed and clueless that he doesn’t even know you can buy apps directly on the phone and no tethering is required?

    By the way, Vic – how does an Android user back up their apps? What happens when they lose their phone or they upgrade to a new one?

    Oh that’s right – Android has no ability to back up your phone onto another device, like a PC.

    Idiocy at this level is called ARROGANCE.

  2. Riddla says


    Sorry, but you seem to be a little misinformed here. Wonderful though I’m sure it is living in Job’s garden.

    First point is fair enough, however number 2, he means that you cannot use your iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, whatever, to connect a laptop or another device to the web (you can with the iPhone, but ONLY if you want to jailbreak it and invalidate your warranty).

    Additionally, an Android user backs up their apps to their SD card in the first instance. Upgrading to a new phone is no bother. If you lose your phone, your market purchases are tied to your google account and you can download them to any Android device you can log in to.

    P.S. I seem to have refuted your comments while neglecting to mention that even your Android OS settings are backed up OTA without user intervention and can be restored at any time, never mind Nandroid, which is a great app which allows you to make an image backup of your phone, ready to reflash at a moments notice (even works with stock OS, unrooted, true story!)

    I like to be able to go online and find whatever I want, I like to go to the mp3 store and download whatever I want, wherever I am, I also like to go to the app store and know that my developers haven’t paid for the priviledge of programming for me and even though they may make a small profit, are just doing it for the fun of it.

    I’m a Nexus One.

    I believe idiocy at this level is called ignorance…


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