Android’s Success in Numbers

Google unveiled a new version of Android, Froyo (code named for frozen yogurt), Android 2.2 at Google IO conference. Google also revealed impressive stats of Android, since it was unveiled in October 2008 . Here is the Android’s success in numbers

  • android logo 300x225 Androids Success in Numbers1: The first in web and app usage among all the smartphones (according to AdMob)
  • 2: The Second best selling smartphone this quarter (first is RIM)
  • 8: Number of Android releases
  • 18: Number of months since Android was introduced
  • 21: Number of OEMs (original Equipment Manufacturers)
  • 48: Number of countries using Android
  • 59: Number carriers using Android
  • 60: Number of devices Android is in use
  • 50,000: Number of Apps in Android Market place
  • 30,000: Number of new Android devices activated per day in 2009
  • 60,000: Number of new Android devices activated per day this February
  • 100,000: Number of new Android devices being activated per day TODAY
  • 180,000: Number of Android developers
  • 1 billion: Number of miles Android phones have given turn-by-turn navigation


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