More Network Connectivity Problems for Apple iPad?

Last week, a number of Apple iPad users complained of network problems involved with iPad’s Wi-Fi connection. Apple offered some quick fixes to these problems in their website for iPad support. However, there may be more network connectivity problems that are not common to general users. Princeton University reports of a new network problem with iPad that is not related to the known Wi-Fi issues.

New Network Connectivity Problem for iPad?: Princeton Reports

nipad 300x205 More Network Connectivity Problems for Apple iPad?Princeton University, in their website for campus tech support reports a new and bigger network connectivity problem when using iPad.  According to the website, Apple iPads are continuing to hold on to the temporary IP address assigned to iPads to be on the network. What this means is that an iPad could be on the network even when the iPad’s permission to be on the network is expired. It says “This is not a WiFi issue.” The website reports that this “behaviour causes a disruption on the campus network”.

This connectivity issue seems to affect at least half of the iPad devices on the campus. It further adds that this connectivity issue may be due to a bug in iPad operating system. Apple has been reported about this issue and Princeton is working with Apple to resolve this issue. It also strongly advises the campus users not to use Apple iPad to keep the campus network running till the issue is fixed. In the worst case affected iPad may be blocked from the network.

It is not clear whether other universities/bigger networks also face similar network connectivity problem with iPad.

Update 1:

Princeton has created a new page providing more technical details of the problem.

Update 2: (19th April)

Princeton offers a temporary workaround to the connectivity problem created by Apple iPad to the campus network. It also goes on to say that

As of April 19 2010, OIT has performed only limited testing of this workaround, but the results to-date have been encouraging. Although we still consider this a test workaround, we wish to make it available to our iPad customers without delay.

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