Google Acquires Widget Company LabPixies

The ever-growing list of companies acquired by Google grows yet again. Google in its blog announced that Google acquired LabPixies, an Israel based company that makes web based gadgets called “widgets”.
lab pixies 300x195 Google Acquires Widget Company LabPixies

LabPixies is one of the leading creators of web and mobile applications, creating personalized widgets for Google, Android and the iPhone. LabPixies is one of the first partners of Google to create cool gadgets for iGoogle: a personalized Google page.

LabPixies is excited by the acquisition and said in its press release that

We started LabPixies to create a truly personalized online experience and develop fun widgets that people find useful every day. Working at Google will help us scale to more users as well as giving our team greater opportunities. Google and LabPixies teams have worked on many projects together including the launch of global OpenSocial based gadgets. The acquisition is an opportunity to learn from each other to bring more apps to users, help developers and improve the overall developer ecosystem.

Google said, the LabPixies team will be based in Tel-Aviv and contribute to iGoogle’s growth across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. LabPixies said, currently there are no planned changes for its existing products.


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