AT&T Offers More Details About iPad 3G Data Plans

Apple iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G hits Apple stores this Friday. Apple announced that AT&T will offer two super simple data plans for iPad 3G. Although Apple gave some details about the data plan a number of questions remained. AT&T has been unusually silent about the data plan till now.
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A search for the word “iPad” in AT&T website would result nothing and it would ask “Did you mean iPod or iPhone?”

Managing AT&T Data Plan for iPad 3G

Finally, AT&T offered some details on the data plan for iPad. In addition to the price of the data plan, AT&T provides details on how one can manage the data plan.

Apple iPad 3G users need to sign up for the data service. After signing up, users can add or cancel any of the data plans as they wish and there will be no penalty or contract.

If a user does not cancel his current plan, AT&T will automatically renew the current plan after 30 days. Subscribers can check their data usage from their iPad at anytime.

If you have $14.99 plan, iPad will give three warnings/alerts when 20%, 10%, and 0% of your data left in the service.  At each alert you have the option to add more data. If you have reached the 250MB limit before 30 days, your plan will expire. You have the option to renew immediately. If you do nothing, AT&T will renew the current service only after 30 days of ordering the service. AT&T also mentioned that the charges will appear automatically on your credit card.
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More Questions About The iPad Data Plan

Although AT&T threw more light on the data plan for Apple iPad 3G, a few questions remain open. In the press release, AT&T referred the data plan for iPad as “Domestic Data Plan”.  However, it did not provide details about international data plan for iPad 3G.  What is the cost for a international 3G connectivity for Apple iPad. Will Apple or AT&T provide more details soon? Also, the press release mentioned that the user’s can buy the data plan using the iPad and user’s credit card will be billed directly. Is credit a card the only mode to buy the iPad 3G data plan? Can one buy the iPad 3G data plan from AT&T and Apple stores?



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